Friday, March 23, 2012

Stressed? We Swear By This 10-Minute Massage

The last condo I lived in was near St. Lawrence Market and close to the underground PATH. Working from home and on a computer all day was killing my shoulders, I could feel the knots forming in my back as I plugged away on another blog post. 

My secret anti-stress weapon? I love sneaking down to the PATH and squeezing in a quickie 10-minute shoulder and back massage at The Great American Backrub. It really helps to take it all down a notch.

$14.95 gets you a 10-minute Backrub Sampler with a Registered Massage Therapist - which means it could be free if you have extended health benefits. It's a cheap and easy afternoon splurge and most of the time, I could walk right in without an appointment (especially after 2:30 pm).

They also have 20-60 minute chair and table options + footrubs, depending how long you can hideout before your boss starts to miss you.

If you haven't tried this before, I highly recommend it. The Great American Backrub is a Canadian company (I know, strange name) with locations in The Exchange Tower, Eaton Centre, Bay Adelaide Centre, Commerce Court and other.

The Great American Backrub
Toronto, Ontario

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