Monday, March 26, 2012

Things I Wish I Knew About Being A New Mom

There are a few things I wasn’t exactly prepared for after I had my baby.

You Will Be Sleep Deprived - People will tell you all the time how tired you will be getting up for feedings and diaper changes throughout the night, but you really can't understand it until you are doing it. I remember one night, waking up in a panic that I had rolled over on my baby because in my sleep deprived state, I had forgotten that I had already put him back in his crib.

Have A SystemThe best advice I can give, is to work out a system. My husband would get the baby and change him then I would feed him and my husband would put him back to bed the first time. The second time he would get the baby and I would feed him and put him back into his crib. The third time I would do all of it for the very last feeding before morning. This way I got a little more rest in the beginning of the evening and my husband got a little longer of a stretch before he had to get up for work.

Get Ready For Hiccups - Another thing I wish I had known was that babies get the hiccups, A LOT. Our son had them at least once a day and had them for long periods of time. They can even have them for an hour at a time. This is normal. Our plan of action didn’t involve as much breath holding or scaring as it did when we got hiccups, instead we just gave him a little bit of water or watered down juice and would wait it out.

Breastfeeding Is Messy - I asked my husband what he wish he had known and his response was about breast milk. I think his exact words were “it doesn’t just go straight, it goes everywhere”. This is very true.  Your milk doesn’t come out of one spot, but it comes out of a bunch or spots. So if the baby isn’t positioned properly then it can get a bit messy. Also, if your baby stops all of a sudden your milk will still flow at a quicker rate and will take a few moments to stop again. This is why you have plenty of cloths handy.

You Will Be Awesome At This - Mostly, I was surprised at how quickly we fell into it.  As unprepared as anyone may feel, you just fall into a rhythm and you fall in love with that little face and everything works out. 

--- Lisa Wlodarski

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