Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Things I wish I Knew About Pregnancy

There are a few things I wish I had known about pregnancy when I first found out that I was having a baby.

Pregnancy makes you hot. I had women tell me that it was going to be an extra hot summer for me. I am normally the kind of person who is cold all the time, so it didn’t really hit me like it did other people. I could see how some of the women in my pre-natal class dressed and brought water with them and realized that I was never quite that hot.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the Popsicles in our class as much as everyone else, but that was really more of a treat than anything.  I just got to see what the world was like for people who weren’t cold all the time.

Taking pre-natal classes is very beneficial. It did a good job of getting us ready for labour. I also learned a lot about breastfeeding, which sounds very scary to a new mom.

The effect it has on your body. I asked my husband if there was anything about pregnancy that he wasn’t expecting and he said that the biggest thing was the toll it took on my body. I had a few complications during my pregnancy and it really showed him how frail my baby and I were. There were a lot of ultrasounds, shots and checking the baby’s heart rate that was a bit out of the ordinary. But it really does make you appreciate what everyone including the baby goes through.

Haywire Hormones. The other thing that my husband said was probably the same thing that most men would say. The hormones that pregnant women have are difficult to deal with. He said that he remembers thinking to himself that he loved me very much and that it is important to be there for me, but there were definitely times when it got a little frustrating. I will admit, I cried at random times. I got upset over absolutely nothing. I was extremely needy. The best advice I can give to any pregnant woman is that it is OK. You are feeling completely normal and it is better to let it all out. Men, just be nice and try to keep calm, if you don’t stress out than it will help her keep calm too.

What are the things you wish you knew about pregnancy?

--- Lisa Wlodarski


  1. I'm at 38 weeks, and I wish someone told me that pregnancy would give you more than glowing cheeks. Outside of nausea, I never knew all the yuckies that came with pregnancy. One I thought I was totally abnormal over - The production of Relaxin caused my nose to bleed, gums to bleed, caused Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, aggravated my TMJD, and made it feel like my hips were going to dislocate at any minute.

    Having said this, most of what I'm going through the Doctors tell me is rare, so maybe that's why no one said anything. Mind you, I've met one mom who has been down the path I'm on, and while no one can offer a solution other than wait until after birth, she can look at me knowing what I'm going through and assure me it will be over soon, and more than worth it!

    I wish people were a little more honest sometimes about what being pregnant is like, but in the same breath, to hold off on the birthing horror stories. First time mommies really don't need to hear that...

  2. yes. other people would look at me as if i was the son of Satan when I say that I hated being pregnant. . no one ever tells you the unfavorables of prenancy. for my first pregnancy, it was carpal tunnel, sciatica, being hot and sweaty all the time and uneven skin tone. I hated having my picture taken. I couldn't look at myself in the mirror. I just didn't have a pleasant first experience. my second pregnancy, was the exact opppsite. I felt beautiful all the time. I was light on my feet, hardly ever tired ( you don't really have an excuse when there's a rambunctious 2 year old who's always up to no good!), and no signs of carpal tunnel or sciatica! what I realized was, no matter how great or horrible pregnancy is, it's all worth something at the end. it becomes the beginning of all great (and gross) things to come. now that I really think back, sciatica is a walk in the freaking park next to my (now) 3.5 yr old toddler.

  3. I think the most important question here would be: does it hurt? when I think of having a baby someday, the only thing I can think about is pain. Most women I know (especially the ones who planned their pregnancy) always say that it didn't hurt, that their delivery went by easily, I guess they say that because they desperately wanted to have a baby. But not all of us are like that, some of us stop to think about our bodies and what they'll go through, being realistic, the fact that something so big as a baby comes out of a small place is really frightening, only that some women try to ignore that all the time. And then, they even do it again? I'd like to know what experiences you have had with your own bodies after delivery, has everything gone back to normal? are you able to have sex and feel just like you did before getting pregnant? that would be really helpful.

    1. Hi!
      I have written another article about what I wish I knew about labour as well if you want to check that out. But honestly, the pain isnt unbearable. I've seen some women asking for meds at 2cm and some like me wait as long as possible. You have to know that there will be pain, but there are many things you can do about. Pre-natal classes, that I recommend, give ideas like a warm shower (which you can also do at some hospitals) back massages, walking and the 3 stages of breathing. They all help, but ultimately it is up to you and your pain tolerance. The epidural is great for people with lower tolerances or people who do not like the idea of natural child birth, and can be done as early as you want so long as you dont plan on walking again until a few hours after labour. It doesnt hurt to get done and it is a lot safer than some older ideas, and you will also not be loopy so that you can still experience everything. So yes, it hurts, but women are built with the ability to forget just how much so that we will continue to have children.

      Everything does go back to normal. There are obvious times when tearing does happen or being cut but that gets stitched up and assuming you take care of yourself well enough it will heal nicely. Only in extreme and rare circumstances will women have issues. And Id imagine that most of them can be fixed these days anyways. So that really shouldnt be the issue on the front of your mind. Since you do heal properly and go back to normal there shouldnt be any issues with regards to sex.

      The hardest part of recovery is the stretch marks and some weight that seems to linger. But like with most things, so long as you manage some exercise and eat well and even use some creams that should help a little bit, recovery wont be difficult.

      It is a huge toll that it takes on your body, but it can be better or worse depending on you and your body. I got married 10 months after having my son and it did take work getting my body back into the shape that I was going to be happy with. The rest of the healing works mostly on its own and with responsible care. So it really is up to you how your recovery goes.

      Lisa Wlodarski-Bloemendal aka Mommy Blogger

    2. Yes it hurts. And if you get induced you can forget about warm showers or walking around or shifting positions to find relief from the feeling that the baby got lost and is trying to exit a different route. If you get induced you will be hooked up to a fetal heartrate monitor. Within less than two hours I was begging for an epidural.I was lucky and my labour was only a little over nine hours. Personally I would rather give birth than get dental work done.

      No one tells you how much your body will ache after and that the swollen legs, ankles and feet will remain swollen for weeks to come, or that the numbness in your hands will make holding your new baby to nurse difficult.

      And it doesn't matter how many women tell you about how painful it is when your milk suddenly comes in you just have to experience it for yourself, along with the amazement of how all of a sudden you have these massive boob that look so big they might suffocate you.

  4. I wish I knew.... when a woman gets pregnant, her skin thins out, everywhere. She is more prone to sun damage. I had brown blotches all over my face and hands from the sun when I was pregnant. Took over a year to get rid of it.

  5. A lot of the things that have been mentioned are not the same for all women. Everyone's body reacts differently. I had some solid acne at the beginning of my pregnancy and some complications due to previous health issues. I have heard stories about women who have reacted differently to the epidural, one co-worker would lose the feeling in her arms as well. There are always horror stories that people are willing to share. So mostly, I would take the things that people say with a grain of salt really. Especially if you are thinking about having your first child. Yes, all these strange and different things happen to women during pregnancy, but not everyone will have lots of the extras.

    Just like Chrissie said, it even changes with each pregnancy. And it really is worth all of it once you realize how much you love that little baby that's been growing inside you all that time.

    Lisa Wlodarski-Bloemendal aka Mommy Blogger