Friday, March 2, 2012

Yes to Free Trips to Rio de Janeiro and Paris!

A sponsored hip + urban girl post.

I have been the proud owner of the shiny American Express Gold Rewards Card for over a year now and it goes with me everywhere... from shopping sprees to dinner dates with the hubby to girls' nights out. It went with me to Rio de Janeiro and Paris because I managed to rack up enough points to fly to both these places for free!

So how did I do it? 

Simple, I get rewarded for everyday spending. For every $1 charged to the Card on eligible purchases for travel, hotels, car rentals, gas, groceries and drugstores I earn double points. For everything else, I earn one point for every $1 charged to the Card . 

In a typical month these are things I do and approximately how much I spend:

  • grocery shopping - $350 / 700 points
  • dining out and entertainment - $600 / 600 points
  • gas - $75 / 150 points
  • gym membership - $50 / 50 points
  • miscellaneous bills (cell phone, cable, dry cleaning, magazine subscriptions, insurance, etc.) - $500 / 500 points
  • annual flight to visit my In-Laws in the West Coast - $650 / 1300
Rewards for the Ultimate Travel Junkie 

Just putting these basic essentials on my Card would earn me 25,300 Membership Rewards points a year which translates to a long haul flight anywhere in Canada and USA! (MR points convert 1:1 for Aeroplan).

Other Rewards 
If you prefer to stay closer to home though, there definitely isn't a shortage of other cool things and experiences you can treat yourself or loved ones to... 

Lisa got a little too excited with all her points and went on a shopping spree buying gifts from the Membership Rewards Catalogue over the holidays.

Love Holts? I do too and couldn't resist using my points to redeem Holt Renfrew gift cards which I shared with my mom. Now that is mother-daughter quality time well spent! 
And for my husband, I surprised him with an action packed weekend in Georgian Bay by redeeming a Samba Days gift card
Where To Next?
You don't need to be a math whiz to figure out that this card gets you the most bang for your buck! Sign up now and get 15,000 welcome Membership Rewards points plus your first year's $150 fee waived. 
I have already accumulated enough points to use towards my next adventure so stay tuned for the post in April! 

What's on your travel list? Click HERE and discover the world of YES!

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