Monday, April 2, 2012

Our Spring Picks Seminar @ The One Of A Kind Show

I was so lucky to be invited by the One of A Kind Show this year, to share my spring picks from the show for a mainstage seminar. I've done a lot of public speaking before, but I still get nervous. Especially when the focus is ALL on you and you don't have anyone to throw to.
First off, it's HOT under all those lights. Secondly, it can be tough to keep things interesting and to keep your audience captivated. Luckily, almost everyone stayed during my 15-minute show-and-tell. In my head, I was telling myself to speak s-l-o-w-l-y and to make eye contact with everyone in the audience. Overall, it went really well and I think practice makes perfect. I hope to have the opportunity to do a few more speaking engagements to really get the flow of things. What are the tricks you use to deliver a pitch-perfect presentation?
Here I am chatting about these modern vintage style storage bins by Jenna Rose. You can use them to store laundry, magazines/newspapers, your knitting/craft projects or whatever. Jenna also does a cool collection of pillows and tea towels too. PS - check out my awesome 'ShamWOW' style headset! I have to say, it didn't mess with my hair and really handy to use.
An easy way to brighten up your home for spring is to change up your wall art or prints. I loved these cheap + cheerful ones by a Toronto-based photographer from her booth This & That. Her prints are whimsical and a steal for only $30! They fit perfectly inside an $18 Ribba frame from Ikea.

Hand painted Birdhouses By Don is by far one of my favourite booths at the show. Each little house is handmade with funny themes. The one I'm holding up is in the shape of a schoolhouse and has a sign on it that says, 'Flight School'. Almost makes me wish I had a backyard again - almost.
Another favourite pick - these colourful tea towels from Avril Loreti Modern Home. They make cool little hostess gifts too. It's an inexpensive way to spruce up your kitchen and her designs just make me smile. I had a chance to showcase over 20 different items and to highlight my favourites. The show can be overwhelming and its always great to get a couple hints and tips. I walked the floor for almost three hours, looking for hidden gems for my spring picks list.
The last thing I picked up from the show was a handmade queen size buckwheat pillow ($70). Have you ever tried one of these things? They are AMAZING. I didn't toss or turn once the whole night, because the buckwheat hulls form around my head and provided excellent support for my neck too. I'm converted. The one I purchased uses buckwheat from Quebec, lasts for around ten years and is made by Harvest Pillows. If the noise bothers you, the suggest that you use two cases to muffle the sound.

Thanks again to The One of A Kind Show for having me!

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  1. I thought you were great! AND thanks for the tickets.. :)