Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Urban Eats @ 2nd Avenue Deli, NYC

I think I've found what is possibly my favourite Jewish deli in all of NYC. 2nd Avenue Deli was recommended to me out of Eat.Shop NYC Travel Guide and a gem of a find in a city full of tourist traps. I've done the big famous delis near Times Square and I always feel hurried in there and the line-ups are always long. 2nd Avenue Deli is cozy, where you can stay awhile and no one is rushing you out the door. It's where the locals come to eat hot, fatty Pastrami Sandwiches On Rye ($15.95) or huge Triple Deckers (from $21.95) stacked high with roast turkey, brisket and chicken fat.
I can never leave a proper deli without ordering a Matzoh Ball Soup ($7.50). The big juicy ball comes to you with carrots and the server brings a hot pot of broth to pour over the whole glorious bowl at you table, so the whole thing is fresh - never too soggy.
We also crunched our way through their delicious homemade pickles - I think one was a pickled tomato (a first for me). 

Don't miss the side of fresh coleslaw. Not too tangy or sour - mixed perfectly
A crispy fried Potato Pancake ($5.95) with applesauce to share
A sweet complimentary finish. Chocolate syrup + seltzer shot is delivered to every table at the end of your meal. I had no idea how good and oddly satisfying this combo would be.
Hanging out with Steve from 2nd Avenue Deli. I'm pretty sure he has the best job in the world - chatting with all the regulars and meeting new people from around the world. He also tells some pretty funny jokes. 
We come for the penicillin...and stay for the authentic New York deli experience. Make sure to stop in next time you're in the city.
2nd Avenue Deli - New York City
162 East 33rd Street (212) 689-9000

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