Monday, April 23, 2012

You Can Stand Under My Umbrella

No clouds in your storms? If you feel a drizzle coming on, we suggest one of these high quality and stylish umbrellas from Fulton. We got a peek at their Spring/Summer 2012 collection this month and spotted a few favourites ranging in price from $20-80. I also learned that the company has been shielding people from the rain since it was founded in London, England in 1956. Fulton is still family owned and operated with third generation umbrella maker, Richard Igra at the helm in Canada.
I picked out a polka dot birdcage design for myself, it does an exceptional job protecting you from the elements because of how low the umbrella actually extends down to. Julio (below, right) also loves the birdcage design and the pop of colour on the band. It's also fairly priced at $26. I tend to hang on to an umbrella for at least five years or more and I am really sick of the cheap ones that don't work, break quickly or barely keep you dry.

The Fulton Birdcage Umbrella is a favourite of the Queen Mum. She is a fan of the see-through design that allows her to see the public and for them to see her, while protecting those curls from humidity and moisture. It's the official umbrella brand of the British Royal Family. So hey, if it's good enough for the Queen...

London skyline umbrellas 
If you're looking for something more compact that you can slide into your purse in case it rains while you're at work - Fulton has a super mini line for just this purpose. Especially if you hate carrying a big bulky umbrella around. They come in a stylish variety of stripes, dots, solids and other fun patterns.
Flirty Florals (above) and a new Parasoleil (bottom, left) made with high density nylon for protection against the sun. I have a friend who's allergic to the sun and sunscreen. It's perfect for those with fair, sensitive skin prone to sunburn. The Parasoleil has a square design and comes in pink, yellow and cyan.
Fulton Umbrellas - Available at The Bay, Shopper's Drug Mart and Sears stores nationwide

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