Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hello From Montreal, Quebec!

Warming up inside a Sugar Shack outside of Montreal
Hello from Montreal! I've taken a little road trip to La Belle Province for my fix of maple syrup, poutine, smoked meat and all things delicious. I'll be sharing more posts from my trip soon, but in the meantime - here are some pics I snapped quickly at Garde Manger in Old Montreal. For Food Network fans, it's the restaurant that hottie Chuck Hughes owns on his show Chuck's Day Off. Unfortunately there were no sightings of Mr. Hughes himself, but we did spot cutie and restaurant partner Tim Rozon who was nice enough to chat seafood and his favourite Toronto restaurants with us at the bar.
Tim created this BEAST of a seafood platter. That's the large size in the back and the one in the foreground was another large platter. I recommend ordering their Signature Caesar's too which include a huge crab claw on the side. We also spotted Jerk Crab on the menu if you feel like getting messy.

I managed to snap this blurry photo of the small Seafood Platter that Paul and I ordered ($48) before he dived right in and refused any more photos. It was a melee of oysters, crab legs, cocktail shrimp with homemade sauces. Order it. Do not pass go. Do no question not ordering it. The seafood platters are their signature and you won't regret it. Wash it all down with a glass of prosecco.
The Seared Scallops ($35) with roasted carrots and homemade gnocchi rocked my boat and I would order it again. I was feeling like something light after we devoured a Lobster Poutine ($19) right beforehand. 
If you're heading out to Montreal, dinner at Garde Manger is a must. Now here's the deal, you'll need to make a reservation at least a month in advance online and it's really hard to get a hold of anyone on the phone. What we did was walk in really late on a Sunday night at around 8:30 pm and we were lucky enough to score a walk-in table. So it's not impossible, you just have to be creative. Also note, there is no sign in front - so you'll just have to guess and have the address handy. Bon appetit!  More posts from Montreal to come....

Garde Manger, Old Montreal @ 408 Saint Francois Xavier - www.CrownSalts.com

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  1. Hey, I'm going to Montreal next weekend. Any other restaurant recos? Also, is Tim Rozon at Garde Manger often? :)