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Hip + Urban Girl of the Week: Natasha Koifman

This week we chat with Natasha Koifman, president of her namesake Toronto and New York-based PR agency, NKPR. Celebrating its 10th year in business, Natasha leads over 30 talented communicators representing over 40 global brands. NKPR was one of the first agencies to lead the way in social media and brought one of the most renowned celebrity-gifting suites, The IT Lounge, to Canada. Meet Natasha! She's our Hip + Urban Girl of the week.

At the office
You started NKPR 10 years ago. What was that like and what is in store for the next 10?

I started NKPR from my basement with my new puppy Decoy and our Director of Operations Cat Richens with one love what I do and to pick and choose who I work with and what I work on. I've stayed true to that for the last 10 years and will continue to stay true to it for the next 10!

Speaking at Young Women of Influence
Tell us about some of the most memorable events you’ve been part of, and people you’ve worked with in your career.

I met my good friend Paul Haggis through our IT Lounge in 2008. He is an expert in the 'authentic relationship' and taught me the TRUE value of doing work worth doing.  He is doing amazing work in Haiti through his charity, Artists for Peace and Justice. He inspired me. Today I am on the advisory board of APJ together with Josh Brolin, Diane Lane, Ben Stiller, Russel Crowe, Charlize Theron and Gerard Butler. Many of our events raise funds for APJ and we try to have a charitable component to everything we do, whether it's for APJ or one of our other favourites like Camp Oochigeas.

Another inspirational person in my life is Stephen Graham, who recently won 'Marketer of the Year'. I worked with him at the beginning my career and he taught me much of what I know! I've also had the great fortune of working with people like Chris Bratty and the Toro Magazine team. I've loved what we've been able to accomplish with the Toro After Dark events at the Toronto film festival and of course working daily with some of our amazing clients like Kiehl's where we do some of the best work ever because the client encourages us to be the best that we can be. I'm also really fortunate to work with the amazing team of people at NKPR every day.

Y'know, just hanging with celebs
What is a typical day like for you?

I probably do about seven meetings per day, sometimes back-to-back. In between I meet with my team on various projects.  I also try to squeeze in a spin class or some sort of exercise… and a cupcake or a Big Turk bar. I can’t live without sweets!

Where do you find inspiration?

I get my inspiration everyday. I'm inspired by anything and everything around me. I travel quite a bit so I'm inspired by people everywhere. I constantly find myself in new situations and I love being open to all of the exciting opportunities that life presents to me.

Natasha with fashion designers from Greta Constantine
Where are your favourite places to hang out in Toronto?

I love hanging out by the pool in my backyard...I spend many summer nights lounging...with my two dogs. I love Buca Restaurant, Playa Cabana and Campagnolo! I'm also really excited about the new places that are opening up - Daniel Boulud's new restaurant opening up at The Four Seasons and Momofuku at Shangri-La.  Cocktail Bar on Dundas West is also amazing and I love going there for drinks out with the girls.

What would you tell your 20 year-old self?

I would tell myself you're actually really skinny and to appreciate it as every year I go up a couple of pounds I can't seem to get rid of!!

What advice do you have for hip + urban girls looking to charge their entrepreneurial spirit?

Working with photographer Phil Birnbaum
To be a successful entrepreneur you have to find what moves and motivates you. If you feel passionate about something, success will come naturally. I have a little exercise called 'The Five I Am's' that always helps me figure out where I'm headed by helping me to define what 'my' brand is. Basically you have to sum yourself up with five 'I am....' statements.  Here's a link to an article providing more details on the exercise and establishing the brand of 'you'.

Website -
Twitter - @natashankpr

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