Friday, May 25, 2012

The Hip + Urban Girl's Guide to NYC Street Food

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I've been loving Toronto's street food scene recently: the success of events like Toronto Underground Market and Food Truck Eats; and the increase of gourmet street food vendors/trucks across the city. So, I was really excited to explore the street food community just south of the border—in New York City.
Gourmet street food vendors aren't as easy to stumble across in the Big Apple as you would think. So, do your research. Ask friends or locals where their favourite spots are. Download the Food Network's Eat St. free iPhone app. Follow a few vendors on Twitter, as their times and locations can change daily.

I was lucky enough to be in New York City during Madison Square Eats—a month long outdoor street food event in Worth Square. If you're in NYC before June 1st, it's every day, all day (11-9) and you get the opportunity to sample several eats in one location. Here's a rundown of my favourite NYC vendors who were serving up delicious gourmet street food at Mad. Sq. Eats and elsewhere across the city.
Twitter: @CalexicoNYC
Regular Location: Food carts at Worth Square and Wooster/Prince and two restaurants in Brooklyn

Mexican cuisine with a kick. I had the chipotle pork and frijoles negros (black beans) tacos at $3/each, and these boys did not disappoint. The frijoles negros taco is one of my top two favourites from this NYC street food list.

La Sonrisa
Twitter: @La_Sonrisas
Regular Location: Food truck on Hudson Street in New Jersey and various pop-up events across NYC

A variety of empanadas, made from fresh ingredients. My friend and I shared the pulled pork and vegetarian empanadas ($3/each). The vegetarian one was excellent—light, delicious and full of flavour.
Asia Dog
Twitter: @asiadognyc
Regular Location: Small store at Kenmare/Mulberry and various pop-up events across the city

Hot dogs and burgers with Asian-inspired toppings. I had the pulled pork sandwich with Asian slaw ($6) and it's my other favourite from this street food list. The slaw really gave it that extra edge/kick.
Macaron Parlour
Twitter: @MacaronParlour
Regular Location: Various events across NYC and opening a bricks and mortar location in 2012

Macarons, need I say more? I tried the strawberry and red velvet macarons ($2.50 each). The strawberry wasn't my favourite, but the red velvet one was to-die-for. Sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.
Other vendors that weren't present at the Mad. Sq. Eats event, but appear to be NYC crowd pleasers:

Rickshaw Dumpling Bar - Twitter: @RickshawTruck
Wafels & Dinges - Twitter: @waffletruck
El Diablo Tacos - Twitter: @ElDiabloTacos
Inspired to head to NYC? Book your accommodations at Hotel Lola at 29th/Madison (only three blocks away from Worth Square if you want to check out Mad. Sq. Eats). Gorgeous boutique hotel with helpful staff and affordable rates if you plan on splitting the cost between yourself and a couple friends. 

By Jennifer Foden Wilson
Twitter: @jdfowil


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  2. I had Rickshaw Dumplings during Christmas time. I had the chicken & thai dumplings and also the peking duck one. Both were delicious and their sauces are what makes the dumplings so good.

    I also want to try their steamed time.

  3. street food in nj
    I personally am a huge fan of the street food in nj. There's not much vegan fare in NB so I was so happy to discover this tasty place!