Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hip + Urban Mom: Being Spontaneous

I remember when spontaneity meant packing as many people and as much gear as we could in someone’s car and driving off for a weekend camping trip at a site that we booked an hour ago. Sometimes it meant just grabbing a coat, sending out a few texts and heading to the bar for a night of karaoke.

Being spontaneous has a new definition now that I have a child. It usually involves 30 minutes of researching a family-friendly area to go to and another 30 minutes changing and packing everything necessary.

Thankfully, my husband and I keep trying to keep the spontaneity in our lives despite the fact that it takes us an hour to get ourselves together.

Our most recent trip was on a nice sunny evening. We decided to make a quick dinner which was my homemade chicken shawarma that doesn’t take long to prepare and everyone can eat it exactly the way they want. For us that meant a tortilla wrap for our son, a pita and shawarma salad for my husband and a pita filled with lettuce, cheese and chicken for me.  
After dinner we got ourselves together and headed out to Tom’s. Tom’s has been around since 1969 and kind of a staple for people who live along the Queensway. They have ice cream, which we indulged in, and even hot dogs and other food. They also have some park benches and umbrellas to enjoy your outdoor food or snack.  

Afterwards we decided to burn off the ice cream calories by heading to the park just behind Tom’s. This was a VERY nice park complete with wood chips instead of sand, adult swings, kid swings and even a baby swing. There was also a path we haven’t followed yet, a baseball diamond, a tennis court and a lot of open space for running or even soccer. 
We were very impressed with the rock climbing areas, rope climbing and higher slides for bigger kids and shorter slides for smaller kids. Our son especially loved the area for smaller kids because the steps were small enough for his short legs and there was a twirly thing with cogs that go round and round when you turn the knob. He spent some time sitting in the tippy lady bug and walking around the green bug. My husband even had some fun seeing how high he could climb.  
When it started to get colder we decided it was time to leave. Our son had so much fun that he was upset about leaving and cried the whole way home. Even though our idea of spontaneity has changed, we still manage to have a great time! 

So get out there and be spontaneous. --- Lisa Wlodarski

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