Monday, May 14, 2012

Kim Kardashian's Belle Noel Line Arrives @ The Bay

Kim Kardashian embarked upon Toronto last week to promote her jewelry line, Belle Noel.

The reality tv star made an appearance at The Bay, Queen Street on May 10th, drawing a crowd of about 1000+ fans, who were mostly young, female admirers vying for a glance of the beauty, up close and off camera (although plenty of men – and families – could be spotted in the crowd). 
Fashionably late by about 10 minutes, Ms. Kardashian did not disappoint. There were screams, smiles and even some tears, as Ms. Kardashian addressed the crowd and thanked her fans for their support.
All eyes were on Kim as she appeared, clad in a classic Kardashian-style curve-hugging outfit, complete with a statement necklaces, several stacked bracelets and cocktail rings from her own line.
Named Belle Noel (a play on Kim's middle name, Noel) the line launched in the US last year to great success. Its Canadian debut features items from the new spring collection, which consists of large statement pieces reflective of the bright, punchy colours of the season. The line’s focal point is the wishbone, which serves as a source of inspiration for Kim, who is the Creative Director of Belle Noel.

The line is reasonably priced, with items ranging from $35 to $195. Some of my favourite pieces are these cocktail rings (at $35 each), which Kim wore in white at the launch. The colours really pop and the geometric shapes are funky yet chic.
I also like the wishbone necklace, a personal favourite of Kim’s, which sells for $70. But the pieces that have stolen my heart are the statement necklaces ($195) – big, bright and bold, these necklaces will jazz up your little black dress for an evening out, or can be paired with a bright top for a day of fun in the sun.
Kim didn't waste any time at the launch – after striking a quick pose for the media, she set off meeting fans and signing autographs for the first 100 people who purchased $50 worth of items from her line. Fans were delighted during the meet and greet – some having slept there the night before to ensure maximum proximity to the front of the line.
Kanye West was spotted behind the scenes at the event to support his girlfriend, but he didn’t steal the limelight by taking the stage in front of the crowds at the Bay.

The Belle Noel line is now available at the Bay on Queen Street. --- Farzana Bhatty

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