Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Three Easy Moves To Spring You Into Spring

Stephanie Joanne got her start in the Fitness Industry in 2001. Since then she found herself working as a Personal Trainer, Club Consultant, Group Fitness Instructor, Studio owner and everything in between. She spends her days training Toronto’s most high profile Television personalities and athletes. 

Stephanie is also co-owner of her own supplement company (Supplements Together), and is currently the media liaison and ambassador for Extreme Fitness. 

Life gets busier so it can be tough to find time to get into the gym. We asked Stephanie to create three easy moves for hip + urban girls to do at home. The best part? No equipment is required.  If you don’t have dumbbells, you can use anything around the house that weighs 5-10 lbs. Cans, water bottles, anything will do as long as it gets you a sweat. 

*Complete each move for 30 seconds in a row followed by a rest for another 30 seconds. Each exercise should be done at least 5 times in the circuit. Did you do the math? That’s only 15 minutes for this Spring workout that’s sure to get your heart rate up too!

Wide Squat and Press
1. Stand wider than shoulder width apart with weight in both hands
2. Squat down deep
3. As you stand up out of the squat, thrust your arms above your head. 
4. Return hands to shoulder height and repeat
Lunge and Curl
1. Hold dumbbells in both hands and get into a lunge positions
2. While in a lunge curl your arms up at the same time without moving your legs
3. Complete 10 bicep curls then change legs
4. Remember to stay low in your lunge
Triceps Push n’ Plank
1. Place your hands directly in line with your shoulder blades (high plank)
2. Lower your body placing your elbows where your hands were (low plank)
3. Repeat by placing one hand at time where your elbows are again and then coming back into high plank
4. Focus on keeping your hips stable and pushing out of the back of your arms

For more cool workout ideas visit Stephenie online - www.StephanieJoanne.com

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