Friday, June 1, 2012

The Hug Summer Movie Guide!

Get the popcorn hot and ready because this is going to be a fun summer at the movies!

Known for the Twilight Series, Kristen Stewart stars in a darker and more mature version of Snow White in Snow White and the Huntsman (opening June 1st). Instead of being told to run away by the Huntsman, he joins her in a battle against the Queen. This isn't your typical Snow White as a damsel in distress, she gets down to business using her sword! Look out for a wicked Charlize Theron too as the evil witch.
Lola Versus (opening July 8th) asks how do you handle being dumped three weeks before your wedding?  Starring indie darling Greta Gerwig, the film is about dealing with the pressures of being in your late 20’s and feeling like you have to have it all right away - the job, the guy, the condo—but sometimes the right guy is just around the corner.

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone star in The Amazing Spiderman (opening July 3rd).  This time his love interest is Gwen Stacy, who was always competing with Mary Jane Watson in the comics. Spidey has to undertake Dr. Curt Connors, a.k.a. The Lizard. The film is in 3D, so it looks like it’ll be the adrenaline ride of the summer.
Anne Hathaway will take on Catwoman in the final part of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises (opening July 20th).  Seeing Hathaway, who played Jane Austen (Becoming Jane) as the woman with nine lives will be intriguing. The Dark Knight Rises maintains the gritty and brooding tone that added so much depth to the other Batman films as a whole. It’ll be interesting to see what conclusion Batman and Catwoman arrive at in terms of the inner conflict of being a hero.

So let's all go to the movies! Which films are you looking forward to this summer? 

--- Leticia Cambre

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