Monday, June 11, 2012

Urban Eats @ Sliced Gourmet, Toronto

Lobster BLT ($13.75)
Whenever I'm visiting New York City, Pret A Manger is my go-to for a quick, cheap and healthy/organic lunch. They have the formula down pat. Sliced Gourmet brings a similar concept to Toronto with grab and go sandwiches and a made-to-order menu.
Both the Soups ($4.75 small) and Salads are made from scratch with the soups being sourced from Toronto soup-er star Ravi Soups.
Prepared full sandwiches or mix & match half sandwiches (above). I loved this concept at my beloved Pret A Manger. It will be nice to see more selection as this lunch spot grows and starts to find its footing. The sandwiches are made in-house everyday and can be paired with a selection of fresh squeezed juices. Sliced tries to use organic/local ingredients whenever possible. The meats are preservative and hormone-free which is a definite plus.

Yogurt Parfaits ($3.95) and assorted fresh salads
The Fig & Proscuitto Halfwich with ricotta cheese & wild flower honey drizzle ($4.75)
Daily sweets & pastries
Sliced with definitely be a draw for the surrounding hospital and office crowd looking for a healthy alternative. It's also super convenient for those grabbing a Greyhound bus out of town. Visit them online at

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  1. Ha, when I discovered Sliced a while back, I exclaimed to the cashier, "This place is like Pret a Manger!"