Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Activity-A-Week: Go To Boot Camp!

On these beautiful summer days, the last thing I want to do is work out in a sweltering gym. So I was delighted to check out Fit Chick’s Outdoor Bootcamp!
Fit Chicks is a high intensity fitness program for women only. It was started by two innovative chicks, Laura and Amanda – who wanted to design a fitness program that was fun, challenging, fabulous and based in a real community of girls helping girls reach their goals. The best part – most classes take place in urban green spaces across the city.
I joined the Forest Hill Bootcamp lead by instructor Kate as my “Chick Sergeant.” The class took place in the lovely Sir Winston Church Hill Park near St. Clair West and Spadina Road.

This was my FIRST bootcamp ever, so I was a bit worried about keeping up with the group. But luckily, each class offers levels and modifications so every chick can sweat up a storm and be challenged. Although never overwhelmed!

We warmed up with leg stretches and a jog around the track. Kate led the group with her enthusiasm and blindingly bright t-shirt.

Next up, a series of races and running circuits to get people moving. This was tough, but a great workout. I especially liked the circuit of stair-climbing and jumping jacks.
The class also focused on muscle toning and building strength. Kate led us through a series of lunges and arm exercises with 3lbs weights. I definitely felt the burn!
This activity got the body and competitive juices running. It was like a game of tag blended with football. We were paired with another chick and assigned the role of either offense or defense. The challenge – stop the chick in offense from getting past you! If she does, your job is to catch her. And you’ll be on the ground doing five push-ups if you don’t. Maybe I’m just super competitive, but this was my favourite activity.
After a cool-down and stretches on yoga mats, we were done for the night. But the friendships last longer (along with the achy muscles).

Sergeant Kate’s Bootcamp:
Toronto North – Forest Hill
Sir Winston Churchill Park
Monday and Wednesday evenings
8 weeks for $298
4 weeks for $159

BOOTCAMP SUMMER PROMO – SAVE $50! Simply enter code “summer” when you sign up online.

Other Locations:
Toll Free: 1-877-F1-CHICK (312-4425) 
Toronto Area: 647-349-5284

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