Thursday, July 5, 2012

All Style On Deck

Last month, at a moments notice, I snagged an invite to attend the sunset launch party for Epic Cruises and had to quickly throw together a 'sea-worthy' look. The experience (a TOTAL blast) inspired me to share 3 tips on how to dress for your next nautical affair: 

Tip #1: Play Up The Theme
Yes, it's a little obvious, but a cruise is the perfect time to sport your nautical look. Bust out your navy stripes, crisp whites, anchor motifs, the whole nine! It's easy to go overboard  though. Stick to one kitschy sailor piece for best results. 

If sailor style is too cliché, try letting the sun and sea inspire your look. Wear blues and greens to echo the backdrop. Go monochromatic or toss in vibrant yellow to glow like the sun. If neither inspiration speaks to you, that's totally okay. Find a breezy top, skirt or dress in your favourite summer shade  and move on to tip 2. 

Tip #2: Dress in Layers
An outing on the water can come with more than one weather forecast. If you're sailing in the sun and the dress code is swimwear friendly, wear your bikini top or bathing suit under your ensemble so you can peel off a layer at high noon. Regardless of time of day, always head out with an extra sweater, scarf or chic jacket to stay warm because the wind can pick up without warning. 

Tip #3: Accessorize Appropriately
On a cruise your accessories go double duty. They make a stylish statement and brave the elements. Flats or wedges are a must. The dock and deck won't be high heel friendly, and if you happen to be on a fancy yacht, they might not be allowed at all. Sunglasses and hats of all styles should also make a debut. The sun's rays are intensified on the water so protection beyond your SPF is a smart move. 

Hope this post helps you style those sea legs. See you on the water!

-- Tamika Auwai is a fashion junkie, splurge-a-holic and founder of Shop Socials.

Image Credit: Polyvore

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