Thursday, July 19, 2012

Shorts That WORK!

Summer office hours might be commonplace these days, but what about summer dress code?  If shorts are deemed 'okay' at the office, how does one pull it off without looking unprofessional, or worse, inappropriate? Here are 3 easy tips to make shorts work at work:

Find a polished pair
Go for a modest length, at least mid thigh, and choose dressier fabrics like linen, twill or silk. Skip cut-offs (obviously) and anything that would go to the cottage. 
My picks:  
1. Carlotta Cotton Shorts via French Connection
2. Sam & Lavi Printed Ikat Short via eLUXE
3. Anna Sui Scalloped Lace Shorts via Net-A-Porter

Cover up on top
Balance out your leggy look with a max coverage up top. Spaghetti straps, plunging necklines or tanks need not apply. Sport a blazer, sleeved button up, or go with a collared sleeveless blouse if your arms must go bare.
My picks: 
1. TopShop Poppy Print Sleeveless Peplum via The Bay
2. Yellow Blazer via H&M
3. Soft Summer Evening Blouse via Modcoth
Ditch your strappy sandals
The right footwear is the final variable in the equation. Sandals and other strappy heels might look great for evening, but wearing shorts already highlights those calves so tone it down a notch. Opt for a ballerina flat to keep the look sweet or try a heeled wedge or pump. 
My picks: 
1. Loafer pump via Joe Fresh
2. Parm leather flats via Aldo Rise
3. Danee peep toe pump via Nine West
Bottom line, if you're really worried about wearing shorts to work, it's probably wise to take your tail to HR for the green light before debuting this new look. Otherwise, have fun lightening up your office attire for summer, especially now that summer pieces are on sale. Just remember, the season is fleeting but your bosses' opinions will stick around til review time so keep it professional and always air on the side of conservative.

-- Tamika Auwai is a fashion junkie, splurge-a-holic and founder of Shop Socials

Image credits: French Connection, eLUXE, Net-A-Porter,, H&M, The Bay, Joe Fresh, Aldo Shoes, Nine West

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