Friday, July 20, 2012

Urban Eats @ Ursa, Toronto

Ursa Restaurant on Queen West in Toronto does contemporary Canadian with a twist. The food is all made fresh in-house with a focus on healthy fine dining that leaves you satisfied but not stuffed. So set your expectations accordingly if you were in the mood for a hungry man meal. Owners and brothers Jacob and Lucas Sharkey-Pearce have also designed a slick space with dreamy bare light bulbs that dangle from the ceiling and shine over the earthy wood tables.
The goal of Jacob and Lucas is to create delicious food that also preserves as much of the nutritional value as possible. Sort of similar to the raw food movement, but cooked elements are included as well. The Duo of Georgian Lake Trout ($14) featured a smoked and pickled version with house made creme fraiche on whole grain rye. The smoked fish flaked perfectly on to my fork and melted in my mouth.
The House made Tofu ($12) was silky and smooth while not too salty.
The presentation of the food at Ursa is gorgeous, especially when The Winter Root Salad ($13) finally arrived at our table. The dish included a mix or raw, dried and preserved vegetables with walnut vinaigrette and  kefir. I loved all the textures and flavours happening here which makes this unique dish a must-order on your visit to Ursa.

The Pork Loin With Apple-Glazed Belly ($24) was so tender and served on a bed of lentils and fiddleheads. I'm not a big meat eater so this was my least favourite, but the boys gobbled up each and every piece with fury.
The Georgian Bay Fish ($21) came with a creamy bean spread. The outside was nice and crispy and the fish was cooked perfectly.
I had seen someone share a picture of this dish online before and the presentation really piqued my curiosity. The Milk & Honey Dessert ($16, serves two - we ordered for four here) is an Ursa signature. Sweet ricotta cheese is made to order and served with pomegranate, honeycombs, dried fruit, chopped up pear and crispy spelt rye. The mini bottles of milk contain leftover whey from the cheese.
Our Chocolate Dessert
The Dinner Menu changes seasonally, this visit was little while back
Our Dinner Menu continued
The Dessert Menu
Ursa Restaurant -
924 Queen Street West, Toronto
(416) 536-8963

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