Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Activity-A-Week: Go Canoeing!

My little cousin (well not-so-little as you can see he is taller than me) came into town recently and I promised him a bike ride around the Toronto Islands. After schlepping over on the ferry boat we made it all the way to the bike rentals place only to discover it was cash only for both the rental and the deposit. Not wanting to hike around looking for an ATM, we spotted the Centre Island Boat Rental place just down the path and inquired if they had canoes left and if they took debit or credit. And so THIS is how we ended up on our latest Activity-A-Week!
After suiting up in our life jackets and getting into our canoe, we were off to explore the island. I didn't realize that you could go canoeing in calm waters out here and that this mainly cottage activity was just a short ferry ride away from downtown Toronto.

The scenic view from the front of the canoe (above). The waterways will take you under little foot bridges, past Centreville, along walking trails and even into Lake Ontario. Canoeing is one of the nicest ways to see the island and a fun way to be active outdoors. It burns about 200 calories an hour and it's a great way to build your upper body muscles.
Canoe & Boat Rentals on The Toronto Islands are located closest to Centre Island. A piece of ID is required and I believe they hold on to this as a deposit. The last rental of the day is around 7 PM or so and they do accept credit cards and debit - unlike the bike rental place. Rates vary and full day pricing is also available if you want to canoe the day away:
Canoe Rentals - $26.60/hour or $53.20 for two hours or $67.80 for three hours.
Pedal Boats - Same as above
Solo Kayak Rentals - $16.95/hour or $33.90 for two hours $38.25 for three hours.
Tandem Kayak Rentals - $33.60/hour or $67.20 for two hours or $88.80 for three hours.

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