Friday, August 24, 2012

Exploring North America's Largest Outdoor Market

My visits to Montreal have always been the usual - whirlwind through the Old Port, stalking Chuck Hughes eating at Garde Manger, shopping on Saint-Catherine street and eating copious amounts of poutine. On my latest visit, I stretched my tourist and eating muscles with a visit to Marche Jean-Talon - North America's largest outdoor market! Having lived across the street from Toronto's St. Lawrence Market for a year, I was extra curious to see Montreal's version of a public market.
My taste buds were blown away, (especially when visiting in July) by all the fresh produce, specialty treats and friendliness of the 300+ vendors. If you're a foodie/food-lover, Jean-Talon Market is a must-see on your next visit to Montreal. Here are a couple pics that we snapped on our visit:
50 shades of cauliflower. OK, maybe like three.
The radish patch!
All the produce is displayed in such a beautiful way. I was a little sad that I was only visiting and couldn't bring a bounty of veggies home with me. My visit definitely inspired me to start cooking again and to check out my own local farmers' market.

Quebec-grown garlic and scapes. A lot of emphasis is based on local food at Jean-Talon Market. Some of the signs will have a little fleur-de-lys showing that the product is grown in Quebec. Others will have a little airplane symbol showing that it was flown in.
Fresh produce with lots of farmers encouraging sampling - it totally works! I bought a ton of fruit for a picnic later that day.
Farm-fresh bouquets - only $10! They are begging for a mason jar vase ;)
Homemade Macarons
Popsicles are totally healthy when they're made with real juice right? I loved all the colourful options over at POP.
The pastry case that dreams are made of at Boulangerie Premiere Moisson. It's the perfect place to settle down with a hot coffee and chocolate eclair. Grab a croissant or two for your breakfast tomorrow and a jar of their homemade ketchup salsa to take home.
Jean-Talon Market - Montreal
Open at 7 AM daily, seven days a week

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