Monday, August 27, 2012

Five Bad Foods - Gone Good!

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Although we’re not fans of classifying food as “good” or “bad” (there really is no morality when it comes to food), there’s no denying that some foodstuffs gets a not-so-great rap. But is it justified? Sometimes a food item really gets a worse rap than it deserves. 

Here are 5 foods that can be good for us:

1. Chocolate - Yes, it is true. Chocolate can be good for you. Now before you joyously scoff down that O’Henry, know that it’s the dark chocolate that gets the nod as the healthier kind. Try for 60-80% cocoa. And stick with 1oz per day (= the size of two 9-volt batteries).

2. Fat - Think canola and olive oil. Yes, some fat is good for you. We actually need some fat in our diet to absorb the fat soluble vitamins – A,D,E,K. The trick: not getting too much. Use it when cooking and make your own salad dressing and you’ll get the two tablespoons recommended per day.

3. Coffee - In the health world, coffee has been in and then out and then in again but the most recent research has given coffee a thumbs up. My take is that you can’t go wrong in reasonable doses. After all it is a calorie-free option, plus it contains helpful antioxidants and minerals like magnesium. Where coffee drinkers mess it up is when they “double-double” it (aka add high fat cream and sugar). If your gonna drink coffee, stick to milk or black only please. And if you are  sensitive to caffeine, ask for decaf….duh.

4. Eggs - As they continue to recover from mass hysteria regarding links to high cholesterol and heart disease, the mighty egg moves on. Teaching point: If you’re having bacon and eggs, the saturated fat in the bacon is the part that can raise your bad cholesterol, not the cholesterol in those eggs.

5. Pizza - I think pizza gets a totally unfair bad rap. The word “pizza” covers such a broad category of options. How does greasy, thick, white pizza crust with fatty pepperoni and layers of saturated fat cheese even compare to a multigrain, thin-crust, veggie-laden pizza with protein (goat cheese, chicken, etc)!? It doesn’t. It’s a different food altogether. Pizza can be good for you. Read the labels and compare brands or make your own with decent toppings. 

- A & M, GetRealGurls Nutrition 

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