Sunday, September 2, 2012

FUNdraising For Team Hug!

You’ve probably heard this a hundred times and now we’re going to tell you again...

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in Canadian woman. One in nine women is expected to develop it during her lifetime, and one in twenty-nine women will die from it.

The C-word scares the beejesus out of us but what are you really doing to create a future without breast cancer?

There are many healthy steps you can take in your everyday life to benefit your breast health and reduce your risk of breast cancer.

  • Be Breast Aware: Know how your breasts normally look and feel and know what changes to check for.
  • 38% of breast cancer cases could be prevented with daily physical activity, a more balanced diet, and a healthier body weight. Other ways to reduce breast cancer risk include lower alcohol consumption, quitting smoking, and limiting exposure to harmful chemicals.
  • Check out the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation’s campaign to Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer for more info and tips.

40 Days Till The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run For The Cure!

If you haven’t heard through the Twitterverse already, Lisa and I will be running on Sunday, September 30 and we want you to join Team Hug!

We will be running in downtown Toronto but you can participate in any of these Canadian cities.

Our goal is to raise awareness, get fit and have tons of fun doing it! If you would like to run with us, we’ve set a donation target of $150 per person OR pay a $40 entrance fee and opt out of fundraising.

Not sure how to raise $150?

  1. Collect change from your family, friends and co-workers – every penny adds up!
  2. Give your sponsors a good laugh and tell them you will run in a pink wig and crazy pink outfit if you raise over your target sponsorship amount. Be prepared for some weird and wonderful costume ideas!
  3. Ask your employer to match your fundraising total. (Click here to see the corporate matching program.)
  4. Share your story! Why are you running, how has breast cancer impacted you or someone you know? Post it on Facebook, Twitter and your blog and link to your personal goal page.
  5. Host a FUNdraising event like a fall yard sale or bake sale.
Where does the money go?

Funds raised go to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation for innovative research, education and awareness. They also advocate for improvements in public policy, including supporting the expansion of access to breast cancer screening in Ontario to include women 40 – 49 of average risk.

For iPhones

Download the CIBC Run for the Cure App and do your fundraising on the go.

On Facebook

Download the CIBC Run for the Cure Facebook app in your Participant Centre and get a head start on your fundraising! Click for instructions.

Customize Your Email Signature

Download the CIBC Run for the Cure email badge to your email signature.

Register for Team Hug or Donate HERE and don’t forget to join in the conversation on Facebook and Twitter!

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