Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hip + Urban Mom: Planning A Birthday Party

Our little baby boy just turned 2!  

People always tell you that time goes by very quickly when you have a child. One day they are in diapers and the next they are off to university. Well, I’m not quite there yet. But it does seem like just yesterday when he was a little baby.

So in honour of this event, we threw him a birthday party. Since Collin is the only child in our family group we knew we had to make sure that he wouldn’t feel left out and that the adults would also have a good time. 

Our planning started with deciding our guest list. We both have lots of family so it was hard deciding where to draw the line. So we agreed to invite our immediate families only. This still meant 10 people, us not included. But we thought it would be a good size group, not too overwhelming but also enough people to keep our son busy.

After that we had to decide on a theme. Apparently kids parties absolutely have to have themes. For our son's first birthday we decided on a Sesame Street theme, which was decided by what was available in the local party store for decorations. This year my sister was able to help us out. We decided on a rainbow theme. It was nice and simple to plan but also looks great for a kids birthday.
We created games for this party. Our idea was one game that was a little bit more adult focused and another game that our son could join in and enjoy. The more adult game was a fill in the blanks with lines from fairy tales, nursery rhymes and children’s books. It meant that the adults had to stretch their brains to remember what Jack broke when he fell down the hill with Jill.  

Our other game was a toy car race. We drew out a straight course in side walk chalk for the playing surface and everyone used the pull back and let go variety of cars to see who would win.  The rules followed a similar mentality to video game car races, where if a cow got in the way then it was just bad luck.  In our case it was if a toddler, my son, got in the way then it was just bad luck. That way our son could feel involved in the game.

We also bought prizes for these games. For this we went to a dollar store, although now I believe they are called something like a dollar or more stores. We picked up some colourful pens, colourful candies, some frames and splurged by getting some Bath and Body Works soaps. We put them together in different colour gift bags that went to the winners. 

While out shopping we also got a package of assorted balloons, streamers, the sidewalk chalk and a couple of colourful wind decorations. And I went crazy decorating with it all.  As a more personal decoration we put up some of our son’s art work that he had done at daycare.

We had hamburgers for dinner with some salads. My son loves ketchup so burgers were perfect for him.  Our family members helped out with food so that we weren’t too overwhelmed. 

My sister decided to take care of dessert. To go along with our rainbow theme she made layers of colourful jello and cool whip. And her cake was decorated with rainbow sprinkles, multi-coloured candles and a giant lollipop with a ‘2’ on it. Inside she made layers of cake in all the colours of the rainbow. They were a BIG hit with everyone.

We think that the party we planned was fun for the adults and our son. Hopefully this will be one of the events that people will tell our son about when he is all grown up.

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