Thursday, August 9, 2012

Urban Eats @ Porchetta + MuvBox - Montreal

Montreal's tiniest restaurant! The MuvBox is a recycled shipping container that has been converted into a pop-up restaurant in The Old Port that serves up gourmet street food. The box is solar powered and a patio flips out from the side of the container to form a portable dining space. We stopped by on our recent trip to Montreal for a taste!
The menu from both MuvBox and Porchetta in Old Montreal. Prices are fairly reasonable. I've paid upwards of almost $15 for a lobster roll at a street fair before.
The Lobster Roll ($10.95) did not disappoint with big juicy pieces of lobster meat. The bun was soft, buttery and warm and the tail and claw meat was just busting out at the seams.

Getting ready to dig in!
The Grande Porchetta Sandwich ($8.50) revealed! Garnished with peppery arugula on a chewy ciabatta bun. The only thing it was missing was the crispy bits of pork skin that you get from Porchetta in Toronto. Still - all in all, a very tasty sandwich. The homemade aioli sauce took it to the top.
The Zucchini Salad ($3) was shredded fresh and in-season. It needed a bit more flavour for me. So of course, I mixed in the rest of my delicious aioli sauce to finish it off. I highly recommend grabbing lunch here before setting off on a Bixi ride along the waterfront.
Visit both MuvBox and Porchetta at Place du GĂ©nie, Old Port of MontrĂ©al
(corner of McGill and de la Commune) 
Open 7 days a week, weather permitting 
From 11:30 AM to 9:00 PM all summer

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