Wednesday, August 8, 2012

VELD Music Festival 2012

Outdoor music festivals definitely tops the list of things I look forward to the most in the summer.

So while Lisa was partying it up at Osheaga in Montreal, I was reppin' Toronto at our very own (sold out) VELD Music Festival hosted by INK Entertainment.

Photo credit: Brian Morton

Photo credit: Brian Morton

Turn the volume wayyyyy up! Over 20,000 EDM fans packed Downsview Park for 2 days of dancing to the thumping beats of Avicii, Steve Aoki, Gareth Emery, Cosmic Gate, Steve Angello and 26 other globally acclaimed House and Trance DJs.

Photo credit: Tony Felgueiras

Did you know deadmau5 is currently ranked No. 6 on Forbes’ world’s highest paid DJ list?

Photo credit: Tony Felgueiras

Yup, his name is Joel Zimmerman and he's Canadian (born in Niagara Falls, ON). Reportedly he earned $11.5 million in the past 12 months! Needless to say, the mouse totally rocked this house this past long weekend!

Happy Birthday! Barcardi Canada celebrates 150 years of getting the party started.

We literally danced up a storm as Mother Nature flip flopped between sweltering heat and random rain showers. So what to wear? When the music is that hot, fashion should always be cool and easy breezy.

There were certainly no Louboutins here but we did spot everything from comfy Toms to Hunter wellies to bare feet stomping in the mud. Fluorescent is definitely back! Tank tops, bikinis and bandeaus lit up like glowsticks.

A carefree spirit seems to accompany these outdoor music festivals and there definitely wasn't a shortage of creative fashion here. I spied rainbow tutus, body paint, a few Mouse Heads, hmmm a banana and look, la la lalala Smurfs!

You know it was a great party when you leave your voice behind and come home with tired but happy feet. So thanks again to the INK Entertainment Team for putting on another unforgettable event! We'll see you again next year...


  1. I'm going to Veld music festival for the first time August 2!!! Should be fun! Are you going again this Summer? Great blog post, very cute pictures.

  2. Thanks! I won't be there this year but it's a ton of fun. Enjoy :)