Tuesday, August 14, 2012

We're Getting In Shape For Our 5K Run!

A sponsored hip + urban girl post.

We recently announced that we will be participating in The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure! Now, I’m not much of a runner and totally unsure on how to even get started. So I’ve decided to put a couple goals in place to get me moving:

Fitness Goals! – My personal fitness goal is to complete my FIRST 5K run ever, in under 45 minutes. I live an active life, but I don’t really consider myself a runner. Power walking I can do. Running? I’m not sure about this yet! In fact, running has always intimidated me and I’m actually excited that The CIBC Run for the Cure is motivating me to finally give running a try.

My secondary fitness goal would be to drop two pounds by September 30th by cleaning up my diet and overall nutrition. I think the combination of running and eating well should do it. I don’t have a lot of weight to lose, but I do think that extra winter layer of cookies and cake is still hanging around and overstaying its welcome at this point.

Getting Into Shape – I will be working out three times a week doing a mix of cardio and weight training. The goal is to lose the fat and build some muscle to get me into top form. I’m also going to be cutting back on alcohol, soda and sugary drinks. My food strategy will involve cooking at home and eating out less.

Want to do the run with us? Here’s how!

Join The Hip + Urban Girl Team - get fit and come run with us. We are putting together our team as our next #hugTO event. Join Team Hug (guys and girls are welcome) as we fundraise, train and run together. The run is happening on: 

Sunday September 30th, 2012
University of Toronto – St. George Campus (Downtown)
Walk or Run 1K or 5K

To learn more, visit The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation - Ontario Region online. Join the conversation on twitter @CBCF_Ontario and on Facebook @ www.facebook.com/CBCFOntario

Only 48 more days to go until the big day! Who are you running for? Tell us in our comments below how breast cancer has affected your life.


  1. Congratulations on taking on the 5k. You can definitely run a 5K in less than 45 minutes. Of course, consistency is key, but it seems you have a good training plan worked out. If you are having any difficulties at first with your cardio, try a 3 or 5 minute run, followed by a minute walking. (then repeat). After you've gained control of smaller intervals, go for a 10 minute run, and 1 minute walk. I have no doubt you will finish strong! :)

  2. Awesome - thanks! I just downloaded the couch to 5K running app to help. It's been great so far.

  3. You can join the Running Room groups on Wednesday at 6:30pm or Sunday at 8:30am and run with a group for free. There is usually a Learn to Run or 5km group that you can run with. You can just call your closest Running Room for details. I really wish I'd joined them sooner after seeing how much my running has improved!

  4. I'll also be running on the HRC team! So pumped! We'll have to do high kicks at the finish line together! Whoohoo!