Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The CIBC Run For The Cure - Meet Team Hug!

Team Hug - Jessica & Wendy H.
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Meet Team Hug!

These fine ladies and gent (we have one guy!) will be participating with Wendy and I in The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run For The Cure:
Lisa Ng
Wendy Kam Marcy
Geoff Marcy
Jessica Blaine Smith
Wendy Hazelton
Christina Alsop
Pascale Bouchard
Lisa Haines
Denise Choi
Laura Janke

Team Hug - Wendy K. & Geoff M.
How much have we raised? We’re at $1505.00, which means we are past our initial goal of $1000.00! Our hope now is to reach $2000.00 to double our fundraising goal. Help a hug out and donate to any of us on the CIBC Run For The Cure website.

A few of our team members are seasoned runners who have competed in races before. Myself and a few others are running our first run ever and are really looking forward to challenging ourselves.
Team Hug - Christina A. 
Healthy Eating Update! – Since the last time we chatted, I have started cooking all my meals and eating at home. I’ve peeled back my social schedule considerably and eat out with friends maybe once or twice a week. I was going out maybe four to five times a week to eat – at least! 

Team Hug - Laura J.
My eating got a little sidetracked by a visit to the CNE, but who can resist a corndog at a summer fair? My Mom also stopped by yesterday and dropped off all this fried food – gah! Which means I will have to pawn it off to people I visit this week. I seriously need to hide her deep fryer. I know that deprivation does not work for me at all, so it’s okay to indulge a little bit as long as I don’t go overboard and I get right back on track.

One of my goals is to lose two pounds by Run Day and I’m really hoping to get there, because I want these healthy changes to stick with me for life.
Team Hug - Pascale B.
Fitness Update! – Thanks to all the amazing peeps on twitter and Facebook, I’ve gathered a lot of running and training tips. The most valuable have been from people who have learned to run as well. I finally caved and downloaded a ‘Couch to 5K’ running app called ‘Get Running’. 

I run around eight minutes a day right now in easy one-minute intervals between power walking. If you’re unsure about how-to even go about running again, I suggest this app – all the way. I know it’s intimidating, but you can break it down into easy and digestible small steps.

Interested in participating? We are still looking for *new* Team Hug Members to join us and you can sign-up right on over here. We’ll be dashing through the University of Toronto campus on Sunday September 30 in PINK!
Team Hug - Lisa Ng
Choose your own adventure! Walk or Run 1K or 5K

To learn more, visit The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation - Ontario Region online. Join the conversation on twitter @CBCF_Ontario and on Facebook @

Only 26 more days to go until the big day! Do you have any running tips to share with us? Tell us in our comments.

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  1. Sounds like you are doing fantastic with your training and you've picked a good training program to help you through your journey. Congrats! Happy Running. Bring on the PINK!