Friday, September 14, 2012

TIFF Film Review: Arthur Newman

In Dante Ariola’s Arthur Newman, Emily Blunt’s character Mike doesn’t wish Arthur (Colin Firth) to divulge his problems. It’s easier to stay detached after casual sex, but that’s the thing, their sexual encounter isn’t casual because in bonding through being broken in some way, they both gather the courage to face reality.  

The humor of breaking into people’s homes and assuming their identities for a time allows them to laugh and enjoy a rare connection between strangers. We get to live vicariously through Newman and Mike wishing to live vicariously through what appears to be wealthier and happier people.  

Blunt’s black nail polish and runny eye shadow are very effective in underlining her troubled character. More could have been done though with the story, we’re introduced to these interesting and relatable characters but though amusing, they needed more development. Maybe more time spent on Newman’s son, or more humor or activities that strengthen Mike’s and Newman’s connection would improve it.  

I care about them but I’m not attached (even though I want to be), I almost feel sorry for them. That might have been the point, how do we become emotionally attached to others when really we don’t want to?  

With great acting and humor, it gets two and a half cups of java on my scale. --- Leticia Cambre

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