Thursday, September 13, 2012

TIFF Insider: Festival Music House

Hey Ocean
For the third year in a row, Festival Music House took place at the Virgin Mod Club earlier this week. FMH was dubbed as an exclusive three-day invite-only event to showcase Canadian musical talents. 

I went on Tuesday night and was very excited to see a couple of my favourite bands play. The plan was to photograph the event but was told at the door that no outside photographers were allowed to shoot just in case any celebrities in town for TIFF showed up. 

Sadly, I put down my camera and shifted my focus (from lens to actual eye). The room was jammed with music-lovers and I have never seen the Mod Club looking so swanky. Open Wine was flowing, along with Beau's and Mill Street Organic beer. 

Yukon Blonde
The Tuesday night line-up featured five bands: Humans, P.S. I Love You, Hey Ocean, Dan Mangan and Yukon Blonde. I was most excited to see Hey Ocean and Dan Mangan. I have seen Hey Ocean play many times and I love Ashley's (the lead singer) high energy. The band always appear as though they are having a ton of fun on-stage. They are definitely maturing as a group and closed their set with a classic tune that brought back the fun feel that I love about this band.

Hey Ocean is the band that said no to Gene Simmons when he wanted to sign them. So I hope that they continue along the path of staying true to what is obviously in their heart (fun danceable music!). 

Dan Mangan's set (above) was killer with his ability to make all of the ladies in the room swoon. Rdio was the official music streaming destination for Festival Music House. On the FMH site, you can listen to tunes from all of the artists that played thanks to Rdio.
Photos by Ryan Emberley, courtesy of Rock-It Promo. By - Jessica Blaine Smith.

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