Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Urban Eats @ Brit & Chips - Montreal

What to do when you have a craving for fish & chips in Montreal? You satisfy your deep-fried craving at Brit & Chips in the Old Port. Don't worry, you can Bixi off those calories later! There are just some days that call for crispy fish and a cold beer. We ordered The Haddock & Chips ($11.50) which are coated in maple syrup batter. I'm used to the light beer batter at Chippy's in Toronto, so this was a little bit heavier on the coating and darker which was different for me. Overall, it was still quite tasty and I appreciated the 'newspaper' ambiance. I also can't resist fat and chunky homemade chips. Hello, lover.
The Mushy Peas ($1.50) were a winner all-around, the Green Salad ($3) could probably be a little bit fresher and crisper. It was a little sad-looking by the time it got to me. Hubby and I shared his order of chips and I got an extra 1/2 Portion of Haddock ($5). I loved that they do this. All the fish is available in half-sizes for those of us who just want a nibble and can't eat a lot, or for those who just want more - brilliant. Everyone needs to do this!

I love the casualness of the space. It's the perfect place to grab a quick bite in your regular clothes without making a big deal of 'going out' for dinner. My bill was under $20 with tax, tip and a drink. There's easy counter top seating at the front and tables for groups at the back, but overall it's a narrow space - and if the weather is warm, beeline it to the patio. A separate line handles take-out and all the seating in the restaurant is reserved for table service.
The Scotch Egg ($3) was the item I was looking forward to the most after the fish. For the price, it wasn't bad - it was simple and everything I would want in a Scotch egg. I've had some fancier versions at other places, but I'm sure I paid almost double if not more.
I will definitely have to return and try all the other fish on their menu. The Cod is battered in their own Burgundy Lion Batter and probably more up my alley as I am looking for that light beer-battered taste. The Hake is battered in Panure Orange Crush!  And there's even a Veggie Haloumi in chipotle batter on the menu - so vegetarians don't feel left out.
Overall, I thought the food was good, the prices were reasonable and the staff were friendly and everything arrived very quickly. Brit & Chips is an easy casual lunch or dinner option when you're in Montreal.
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