Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Frightful Fun At Screemers In Toronto

Screemers is BACK for its 20th year, and it’s scarier than ever! This Halloween amusement park occupies the CNE grounds with haunted houses, midway rides, psycho mazes, and an army of ghouls thirsty for blood. 

Being a total wuss, I was petrified to walk through the grisly doors. Screemers is NOT for the weak at heart. But I was intrigued by the new 3D haunt – so I put on my Depends and took one for the team.

Watch your back – creatures lurk in the shadows, ready to pounce on unsuspecting prey. Within minutes of entering the hall, my sister and I were already shrieking after a ghoul attacked us from behind. 
Screemers has six haunted houses, all indoors and each with a different and gruesome theme. If you like groping around in a lightless labyrinth with rampant monsters, don’t miss The Darkness Haunted House. 
The Slasher Wax Museum displays some of the most notorious movie characters. But readers: this isn’t Madame Tussaud’s. The murderous mannequins come to life to terrorize the museum and its visitors. One, two, Freddie’s coming for you...

The children’s book Alice in Wonderland was lovely, so this attraction must be harmless, right? WRONG! My hands trembled as I put on my 3D glasses and entered the 3D Diabolical House of Cards. Florescent lights and 3D objects jumped out from the walls – and so did the spooks hidden around every corner. The freakiest part was Alice sobbing about her toys being taken away...because she played with too much blood. 

I also ran into Heath Ledger in this haunt. At first, I thought he was a wax mannequin...until he pounced at me from the shadows!

I was happy to watch the “Buried Alive” attraction from afar. For five minutes, gutsy people can get the real-life experience of being trapped in a coffin. Or perhaps I should say, the real death experience?
Craving a Bloody Mary...or maybe just blood? Stop by the Vampire Lounge to calm your nerves with a beer or cocktail. After all, living in fear is exhausting.
If the haunts didn’t get your heart pounding, spin around on the Zipper a few times. Summer nights at the CNE may be over, but you can enjoy the rides one last night. 

Tickets are $28.50 and include access to all six haunted houses and unlimited rides on the midway. The queue lines are long, so if you don’t mind paying $10 extra, get the VIP Front of the Line Pass. Tickets can be purchased online or via CASH ONLY at the door. Check out the website for all the deets and a $5 discount coupon. There’s also a WagJag limited-time deal that offers admission for $16 on October 28 & 29th.

Readers beware: Screemers is guaranteed to terrify!
Exhibition Place
200 Princes Blvd.
Toronto, ON

Thurs October 25 from: 7PM to 11PM
Fri October 26 & Sat October 27 from: 7PM to 12AM
Sun October 28 to Wednesday October 31 from: 7PM to 11PM

Photo credits: Lisa Jackson & Jack Brooks Photography - for Screemers

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