Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's Thanksgiving weekend and I'm dedicating this post to my business partner, Lisa. Everyone thinks we were BFF's before we started HUG but the real story is that I only met Lisa at the end of 2009 at a business women networking event. Our love for food, travel and Toronto instantly made us click. We further bonded over stories of our grueling UofT days, partying at Joker Night Club, growing up with Asian parents and being married to white guys. She had a blog, I had a blog so naturally we merged to become one super blog... and The Hip and Urban Girl's Guide (HUG) was born in the summer of 2010.

The funny thing is Lisa and I are really different people but we've always made it work. Guess it's true that opposites attract! Lisa comes from an entrepreneurial background so she's incredibly sales savvy and great at social media. She's small but she's also a tough cookie! I'm more of the shy and sentimental half and I'm definitely the Geek Girl so I manage the tech, business operations and advertising side of things. We both blog and do our fair share of the grunt work. Now even though Asians are supposed to be good in math, we both suck at it! Lisa's a natural delegator though so somehow I ended up being the accountant too.

In an odd way, we are like the perfect divorced couple - we got our own lives but we always come together to make the best decisions for HUG. This site would never have grown from being a blog to a women's lifestyle website if either of us were taken out of the equation. So thanks again Lisa for sharing this journey with me :)
Then there's our darling Hip + Urban Husbands... I bet Paul and Geoff didn't know they were signing up for one heck of a roller coaster ride when we announced that we were going to start a blog! So a great big thanks for being the coat check and setup/cleanup crew at our events, for putting up with our crazy antics and obeying blogger rule #1... all food must be photographed first no matter how hungry we are!

We are also forever grateful to our guest-bloggers and contributors. Meet our other "family" -- > these girls have been imperative to the success of HUG. We couldn't have done it without you!
Lastly, thank YOU. Our readers is what makes us keep pushing out content, finding the coolest contests, creating awesome events and getting up each day to do it all over again. xoxo
❤ Wendy


  1. This is such a lovely post! Keep up the good work girls! xo ajvd

  2. Thanks for creating such a fun blog and for letting me contribute!
    Lisa aka The Hip & Urban mom

  3. Thanks Andrew & Lisa W for all the support!