Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hello From Route 66!

Hello from Route 66! I've been on the road for just over a week now. We drove from Toronto to Ann Arbor, Michigan last Tuesday which is a big student town, similar to Waterloo. Then it was onwards to Chicago to the very start of Route 66. So far, it's been A LOT of damn driving. Which makes me think, who's idea was this in the first place again? Oh wait. Genius over here (me). 

I booked hubby and I in for around five hours of driving a day (ow!) - which still means 14 days for the full road trip to California. I've been living on a deep-fried and extra-large soda diet on the road and we've spotted lots of crazy things during our travels (and a TON of Cracker Barrels). A few of my favourite gems so far:

The starting line in front of the Art Institute of Chicago (bottom left) was a very busy one-way street that weaved its way out of Chicago - I almost got car sick right at the start of the trip. We spotted The Big Blue Whale in Catoosa, Oklahoma (top), an old Route 66 relic at an abandoned petting zoo - yes sort of creepy. During a stop in St. Louis, I discovered that the city is the donut capital of America and we made a stop at The Donut Drive-in for some fresh donut holes to commemorate it. They were so light and airy, totally living up to the donut hype.

After Chicago we stopped at The Cozy Dog Drive-In, the birthplace of the corn dog (awesome) and a whole lot of Route 66 kitsch. The $2 I paid for a deep-fried dog made it even more irresistable. When in Rome people! I am getting the feeling that people just love to eat fried food in their cars. Ahhhh the beauty of the retro drive-in and then the modern day drive-thru. It's quintessentially American.
Hubby and I are taking turns driving our little Honda Fit hatchback. Gas is ridiculously cheap in the US: $28 to fill up my tank on premium and I can get up to 450 km on that! Also totally crazy, the speed limit is 120 km/h - so you get where you're going FAST.
Stay tuned for my road trip updates via the blog. You can also catch our live-tweets @hipurbangirl and more photos via our instagram account: hipurbangirl.
See you on the road!

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