Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mixing It Up At Evan Biddell - Spring / Summer 2013

Evan Biddell is the mix-master of style. Like a DJ, he seamlessly transitions from one vibe to another except that he does it on the runway. Presenting a cohesive collection of animal print, oversized gold jewellery, his signature shredded leather jackets, and Andy Warhol-esque pop-art prints, Evan demonstrated  that mixing bold prints and patterns will be a hot trend this Spring/Summer 2013.  

Animal Print
The opening look at the Evan Biddell show was an instant favourite. An elegant, flowing animal print dress made its way down the runway again, and again, and again. Never one to follow convention, Biddell had models continually circle up and down the runway until all of them were walking at the same time. This set-up worked well because I was able to take the time to admire this animal print number.  

Graphic Prints
Pop-art inspired prints will be fun for Spring/Summer 2013. There has been a growing popularity of prints in fashion over the past few seasons, however, we’re seeing them evolve to be more graphic and less abstract. Look out for striking prints with recognizable images and shapes this spring.

Oversized Gold Jewellery
The phrase “go big or go home” applies to jewellery this spring. Oversized gold jewellery accented many of the pieces at the show. Evan simultaneously balanced out and complemented his loud prints with oversized gold earrings and necklaces. The attitude for jewellery this season will be to match like with like. If you’re wearing bold prints, then match them with big, bold jewellery.  

We’ve seen a lot of leather show up on Spring/Summer runways lately and Evan Biddell certainly echoed the theme. Intricately cut leather jackets demonstrated that leather can be light. Perforated and cut-out leather styles will make an appearance when the warmer temperatures greet us next year. 

Based on the Evan Biddell show tonight, bolder is better for Spring/Summer 2013. 

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