Monday, October 1, 2012

Our Get Healthy Challenge: Week 1

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Welcome to the GetReal! Get Healthy Challenge! Over the next 6 months you will transform your eating and exercise habits through weekly challenges. 

Let’s Get Real: this ain't no diet. It’s no quick fix. It’s not a fad and it certainly isn't endorsed by a B-list celebrity. This is real life! And this is how real people get healthy for life. The GetReal! Get Healthy Challenge is a holistic approach to lifestyle enhancement – it covers everything from emotional eating to eating out, to exercise.

We know that lifestyle changes don’t happen over night and “bad” habits die hard - that’s why this program is based on taking on one healthy goal at time. Achieving realistic weekly goals builds confidence and long-term success whether your ultimate objective is to lose weight, run 5km or control your blood sugars.

Here’s how this works:

1. Read it! Each Monday we will post a GetReal! Get Healthy Challenge.

2. Do it! Attack the challenge the best you can.

3. Post it! Join the weekly discussions and share your experience with tackling the challenge on the GetReal Gurls site in the comments section at the end of the post. We’ll comment and provide guidance along the way.

4. Win it! Fab prizes are up for grabs and will be awarded along the journey to frequent posters.

Everyone loves a buddy – enlist friends, family, coworkers and neighbours to take the GetReal! Get Healthy Challenge with you. Looking forward to Gettin’ Real with you over the next 6 months!

Here’s your "warm up" challenge! Join the discussion here:

1. Introduce yourself (where ya from, whatcha do, who you with). We want to know more about you!

2. Tell us why you’re taking on this program (besides getting healthy - duh).

3. Tell us what you want to get out of this (lose weight, gain more energy, live longer)
Let’s get this going! 

- A & M, 

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