Friday, October 5, 2012

So You Wanna Start A Blog?

So you may have been reading along with our blog for a little now awhile and maybe you've been inspired to start your own blog. Whether it's a blog about food, travel, fashion, your life or even your cat - it's important to just GO for it. 

The one thing people ask me all the time is, "How did you guys build your audience?" Well, there's no easy answer. We might make it look easy, but there are HOURS upon hours spent blogging in our pajamas, sourcing photos and attending events, instead of just slumming it on the couch (and we do that too - but we're usually blogging). What's our secret??

From our Hip + Urban Girl Launch Party, June 2010
The one piece of advice I can give to any blogger who is starting out is - to be consistent. It doesn't mean you need to post twice a day, just pick a frequency that works for you and your life. Even once a week! Just do it well and give it your 150% - if it's a blog for you to just share your thoughts, no problem. Eventually you'll find your niche and audience or maybe your blog will remain as a personal hobby that you keep just for you, your friends and family. Just make sure it's a topic you're passionate about. By being consistent, your readers can grow with you and come to expect how many days a week you update your blog. 

We were lucky to have a lot of time on our hands to really devote almost full-time hours in getting our site up and running. Wendy and I were both in-between career changes in 2010 and the blog just got us pumped and excited - we just wanted to share our good finds with other people. The Hip + Urban Girl's Guide still feels like a full-time adventure, except Wendy and I have started to also do our own freelance projects on the side and this all just fits as a perfect mix for us. So this is how we were able to grow our audience so quickly - almost full-time dedication, hard work, lots of long hours and writing about interesting topics which provided a lot of information for our readers on things we were passionate about.

If you want to learn more about blogging, ShesConnected is hosting their next blogging conference at The Metro Toronto Convention Centre - Friday October 19th + Saturday October 20th. Check out the site and see if the seminars interest you and then ENTER HERE for your chance to WIN 2 tickets + a laptop + all sorts of cool prizes. I will be at the conference speaking on one of the panels - if you see me, don't be shy and come say hello.

Good luck!

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