Wednesday, October 3, 2012

We're Driving Toronto To LA On Route 66

In less than 2.5 WEEKS, hubby and I will be packing our bags and heading out on Route 66. We're driving from Toronto to LA! Yesssss. Starting on October 23rd, you can follow our tweets, instagram photos and blog updates as we cruise away across the country. I'm sure this will be a no photo filter type of trip, as everything will already be distinctly retro.
We'll be hitting up these fun cities - Chicago, St. Louis, Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Santa Fe, Sedona, Palm Springs and hiking The Grand Canyon! 
Why this trip? Driving Route 66 is something I've always wanted to do - so why wait? We'll also be spending part of our time in LA in a vacation rental near the beach in Venice, so we figured bringing our car would be cheaper than renting one for a month-and-a-half. We did this last year and it cost us $1400 just to rent the car plus our flights. So this year we decided to drive!
Are you coming back? Oh yes. We will be back around the very start of January. The drive home will be along the southern part of the United States, through Arizona, Texas, a stop in New Orleans and Florida before we head north. I would love to stop and visit Savannah and Charleston if we can. It's the EPIC road trip of all road trips. Luckily, our car is a small hatchback and very good on gas - around $40 a tank. I can't wait for you to explore along with me.
The first stop! 24 hours in Chicago, Ilinois where we will feast on deep-dish pizza and stay at The Peninsula Hotel to enjoy their Afternoon Tea service. I may not want to leave and may just end my trip on the fluffy duvet of this luxe five-star hotel.

Have you driven along Route 66? Any recommendation for good eats or stops?


  1. What an adventure! You are going to have a great trip and I can't wait to hear all about it. Will you be blogging frequently?

  2. Hey -

    So my husband and I are thinking of doing a similar trip this year - although we'll be doing Toronto - Arizona (to see my parents). We love driving, want to do Route 66, and have a small dog that we are unusually attached to.

    A few questions:
    how many days have you budgeted to drive there/back?
    have you found any cool motels/hotels to stay at? we went to savannah last year on a roadtrip to miami and found this cool place (I just like to publicize that place because it rocked)
    do you have any concern about driving in the winter from Toronto?


  3. Hey Chelsea,

    Do it! I actually love road trips and drove to PEI 2 years ago - the furthest distance so far.

    We are taking 14 days to drive there to fully enjoy blissing out in the desert, going to the spa and lying poolside. But also to have lots of time to explore.

    We're mainly sticking to chain hotels & hip luxe hot spots on our route. Will be posting about these soon!

    For the drive back, I'm budgeting 10 days through the Southern US along Texas/New Orleans to avoid the snow. Then north through Buffalo which I think will be fine.

    Keep me posted on your trip!