Thursday, November 8, 2012

Geek Tours: Inside The Googleplex

Visiting Googleplex has been on my bucket list since FOREVER! So this geek girl literally went ga-ga over Google when my friends, K&R surprised me with a tour! Here's an inside peek at all the hype and what makes working for Google so great...
First stop is The Android Building. Android code names for their operating system include honeycomb, cupcake, ice cream sandwich and jellybean. Nom nom!

Year round mild weather means patio time all the time!
Geek Facts: Googleplex is located in Mountain View, CA. About 45 mins drive from San Francisco. The campus is always expanding but right now there are four main buildings, lots of outdoor green space and a huge courtyard that spreads over 26 acres. Think of it as a university campus - where coding is cool but getting drunk is not.

The "Google-15" rumor is true! There are over 20 cafeterias and food stations - each one has a
unique theme and serves a variety of cuisines. And it's all free! No wonder new hires easily gain 15+
lbs during their first year of working here.

Staying active is a big part of Google culture! There is a state-of-the-art gym, billiard tables,
a swimming pool, beach volleyball and a bowling alley.
(Photo credit: Eros Hoagland for TIME)

We were wondering if they actually worked here! We did see the typical office desks but a lot of business is
done in pods, yurts, bean bag chairs and this conference bike.
(Photo credit: Google Press)

Hello Toronto! (Giant Google Earth)

The famous Google map pin.  Skater girls + boys would love these decks!

Hip + Urban Husband, Geoff geeking out.

Getting around the campus is easy on these cute colourful bikes! Now off to explore some more... next up in the Geek Tours series is Zynga!


  1. I am so jealous that you got to tour Google! Definitely on my bucket list!

  2. Very cool! I just did a business report on Google and find them very interesting :)

  3. I will definitely need to try to get hooked up with a tour next time I'm visiting San Jose.

    I just saw the photos from the Toronto Google office. I need to work there!