Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hip + Urban Mom: A Trip To The Farm

“I just found this place in Milton with yummy tarts. I think we should all go,” said my sister one day.  So my family packed up our cars and drove to Springridge Farms in Milton, Ontario. Parking was free but there was a $10 charge to get into the kid-friendly areas.  So after taking some pictures with the chickens and pumpkins and the cut out boards, we went on to explore.  
We started off climbing some haystack towers and taking pictures on the tractors of varying sizes.  As soon as my son saw the slides he went running for them. My brother-in-law and husband both took him down - they aren’t super adult friendly, but slow enough for even smaller children to enjoy. 

We spent an extra $3 so that my son could go on his first pony ride. He loved neighing at the pony and the slightly bumpy ride with me by his side. We decided to try out the hay maze next! This is easy enough for children because you can see where you’re going, do some problem-solving and think ahead. 

At the animal barn, they had rabbits, large pigeons, turkeys, ducks, peacocks, roosters, chickens, and goats. There was even a rooster walking around the place like it was no big deal. He led us to the large sandbox filled with tractors and other toy equipment for kids to play with and wooden cow that you can actually milk.  

The trailer pulled wagon ride put a huge smile on my son’s face as we went by pumpkins, plants and even a small pool with ducks and geese with the farm’s dog taking a swim. We got off in the corn field to go on the corn walk. Along this trail you are asked trivia questions about corn and its uses. 

For lunch options, you to sit outside and enjoy the bbq menu or head inside and order tarts and other baked goods along with sandwiches. My son’s children’s meal included a grilled cheese sandwich, chocolate milk, cookie and a pumpkin bucket to carry it in. The rest of us enjoyed BLT’s, bbq chicken sandwiches and curried chicken sandwiches.  

All in all it was a nice family outing that got us out of the city without being too far away from home.

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