Thursday, November 1, 2012

Urban Eats @ Giordano's Pizza, Chicago

The moment I realize we have ordered a 10-pound pizza
The first thing I think about when I think of Chicago is: deep-dish pizza. The second thing is shopping Magnificent Mile. With my priorities in order, the first place we booked in for dinner was Giordano's Pizza. They have multiple locations throughout Chicago but I found this one to have the most charm and lots of capacity. The place is always hopping - likely with a lot of tourists but at least a few locals (who actually think the pizza is pretty good).
Here's the lowdown on the deep dish: Giordano's makes a world-famous Chicago-style stuffed pizza that can take over 45 minutes to cook because it is so thick. First you start with a deep dish pan, then you layer on the dough, add toppings and then another layer of dough and then spread on some tomato sauce and Parmasean cheese to finish.
Our pizza was so heavy and cheesy that I am guess-timating that it weighed at least 10 pounds. I managed to eat one measley slice while Paul plowed into 2.5 slices and declared himself defeated by the deep-dish pizza. We ordered a SMALL (above) Chicago Classic with pepperoni, green peppers, onions and mushrooms ($21) which allegedly feeds two, but in reality I think it could feed four easily.

I love a busy restaurant that has its ops down. As soon as we arrived, we were told 15 minutes for a table, but we could pre-order our pizza so we wouldn't have to wait so long after we sat down. After a small wait of 20 minutes more after we sat down and a round of salad, our pizza arrived as promised.
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Overall I thought it was pretty good, though I'm more a thin crust fan myself. But this would be comparing apples to oranges, so I would have to say Giordano's is a good deep-dish pizza and they know what they're doing over there. Lots of crusty goodness and stringy cheese pulling every which way like a pizza commercial. I recommend you order it with vegetables/toppings - otherwise you'll end up with just a puddle of cheese. You need a bit of texture going on here to make it great. I would definitely eat here again. 
Stratgey-wise, I would drop-in at lunch when there's likely a shorter wait and then spend the day walking around Chicago to work it all off (otherwise you'll just fall asleep, like I did). If you get the chance, go for a jog in Millennium Park the next day and you'll feel like a champ! Giordano's Pizza is a Chicago must-do and a signature treat when you visit!

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