Thursday, December 13, 2012

Coffee With Curves at Marilyn Monroe Cafe

A stone’s throw from the downtown core, the charming city of Oakville has welcomed a new java joint fit for a starlet -- or maybe just a gal who prefers to sip her chai in the comfort of plush decor inspired by the legendary Marilyn Monroe.

Located at 350 Lakeshore Avenue East in downtown Oakville, Marilyn Monroe Cafe neighbours waterfront mansions, yoga studios and designer boutiques serving up lovely lattes, steeped teas, smoothies and of course, a regular cup of Joe DiMaggio (couldn’t resist). If you’re looking for a nibble, bagels, pastries and desserts are offered, and I can personally vouch for the joy that is their decadent peanut butter cupcake.

More than the menu, I really loved the boutique feel of the cafe and the fact that this wasn’t a cheesy celebrity shrine. A few prints of Marilyn grace the walls as art and she is emblazoned tastefully on each cup and staff uniforms. Outside those obvious references, you’ll just find Miss Monroe in the details. Like the giant geometric light fixture that is, upon close examination, comprised of faceted diamonds, and the upstairs lounge that’s all cozy sofas and natural light.  

If you’re in the Oakville area, or looking for a change of scenery, Marilyn Monroe Cafe is open daily til 10 pm (11 on Friday / Saturday) and offers a relaxed glam vibe and a great speciality coffee that’s priced very comparably to the usual suspects. 
Free WiFi is available, so let's just call this my new office away from home. 

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