Friday, December 14, 2012

Urban Eats @ Rock Lobster Seafood Co. - Toronto

When I imagine great tasting seafood, I am immediately transported back to family trips to the East Coast of Canada; where seafood is so fresh and tasty. Served simply, it speaks for itself. I have never been able to recreate that memory in Ontario until I set foot into Rock Lobster Seafood Co. Beginning as a pop-up restaurant in Toronto’s Underground Market, Rock Lobster Seafood Co. has a brand new permanent home on Ossington. Who knew that you wouldn't have to travel to the Maritimes to get such great seafood, eh? 
Sailor Jerry Cocktails (from top left clockwise - Barrel Aged Flying Colours, Ribbons & Swallows, Norman Collins)
I had the pleasure of attending an intimate dinner and cocktail tasting in collaboration with Sailor Jerry spiced rum and Rock Lobster Seafood Co. I don’t even know where to begin, I just want to gush about their food! Chef/owner Matt Dean Pettit sources his seafood from independent fishermen from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. With dishes meant for sharing and socializing over, I love that their food feels homey and is straight up tasty without the need for any frills. This is comfort food that will want you coming back for more. Comprised mostly of seafood dishes, their menu also has a few non-seafood options and a raw bar.   
Here’s a look at their menu:
Seafood Tower ($39 as pictured, or $99 for larger tower) – 8 shrimp, 6 oysters, 2 snow crab clusters:  This seafood was absolutely delicious. I like shrimp and these were nice and meaty. My favourite part though was the snow crab. I am certainly no expert in getting into the shell of a lobster or crab, so it took me awhile to get to the meat, but it is definitely worth the effort. The crab was so tender and very flavourful all on its own.
Ceasar Salad ($7) – romaine, breadcrumbs, parmesan, fried capers: This is a nice salad that isn’t heavily dressed. It had just the right amount of parmesan and bacon bits to add a nice crunch. The fried capers are also a nice touch.
Beet Salad ($7) – roasted beets, Heirloom carrots, radish, micro greens, goat cheese, red wine vinaigrette: Nicely presented, this salad is a tasty light appetizer. You can’t go wrong with beets and goat cheese together!
Lobster Poutine ($13) – Yukon hand-cut fries, lobster bisque gravy, QC curds, fresh lobster, chives: Ok, call me crazy, but I have never really been a fan of poutine (gasp!). I know, crazy right? But I loved this poutine! The fries are fantastic and not drenched in gravy. Topped with delicious creamy cheese curds and pieces of lobster, the flavours linger in your mouth a long while after. I loved it!
Lobster Rolls ($14) – with Yukon chips and McClure’s Dill Pickles: Creamy lobster nestled in a toasted buttery white bun. Known for their lobster rolls, you will want to savour every bite they are just that tasty. Made in house, the chips are so thin and crispy, I easily polished them off. The pickles are amazing, perfectly crunchy and packed with strong dill flavour. 
Crispy Maple Pork Belly ($12):  Served on a beautiful wood plank, this pork was sweet, rich and savoury. It comes with the best creamed spinach I have ever tried. Supremely creamy, you won’t have any trouble finishing your greens.
Flank Steak ($14): Tender strips of steak served with a fried duck egg, crunchy hickory sticks and a yummy savoury Crown Royal whiskey sauce.
Whale Tail ($6): Their take on the beaver tail, perfectly simple, this piece of crispy doughy goodness comes with a shaker of sweet Canadian maple sugar and is topped with cinnamon sugar and crème anglaise.               
With seriously affordable dishes, a fun, laid back, down to earth vibe and marine themed decor; Rock Lobster Seafood Co. is a place I can drop my anchor and stay awhile.

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