Thursday, December 6, 2012

We're On Our Way To Jamaica!

My last Caribbean vacation was almost two years ago. This means I was literally over the moon when I was offered the opportunity to take in the beauty, adventure and relaxation that the island of Jamaica promises. Next week I'm headed off for a four-day jaunt to the South Coast and Montego Bay, areas of the island I've never really explored. 
I've been to Jamaica many times growing up. My Mom hails from Kingston and Dad's from a small town in St. Ann's parish. Funny enough, I've never experienced Jamaica as a tourist save for a few trips to Dunn's River Falls. We'd also go to the big flea markets and enjoy chewy hard dough bread fresh from the bakery. 
Mostly though, vacations from my childhood included a minivan and travelling to Auntie so and so, usually on a farm, miles away from the sun and surf where I longed to be. Couldn't we all be together...but on a beach!? As you can imagine, I  can't wait to visit Jamaica with a different view and enjoy all the island really has to offer.

I'll be staying at Jake's Hotel situated on Treasure Beach where I'd like to rise with a sun 
salutation and unwind at the spa. 

I'm also hoping I'll get to to crack open beer at the famous Pelican Bar. Truthfully though, a a Red Stripe from anywhere on the island will be a treat.

I'm usually a beach bum, but I'm looking forward to trying my hand of the island's active sports, maybe snorkelling? This way I can work up an appetite to really enjoy some of the local restaurants and Jamaican cuisine.

My trip will be short but sweet and in a few weeks I'll report back with the spice on Jamaica. Right now I just can't wait to take off! 

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  1. Hahaha! Tamika, I totally feel you with the mini-van situation - that was so my childhood! Have a blast!! I hear Jake's is ah-may-zing!!



  2. You will lovvvve Treasure Beach!it is my favorite place on earth....make sure you go down to Eggys Beach Bar at sunset...tell Eggy I say hi...its the most relaxing place I have ever been.we just got back can you tell?? We go every year......have a blast:)