Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Activity-A-Week: Kangoo Jump Power Class

“Make sure you wear thick socks, and don’t eat too much before you come.” This is the advice I receive from the friendly and welcoming, Dorina Rigo before attending my first ever Kangoo Power Class. Dorina is the Founder, Distributor and Instructor of Kangoo Club Toronto. 

A certified Personal Trainer and certified Kangoo Jumps instructor; she started her business in 2010, and has trained over a dozen instructors who make up her core team. 
Kangoo Power is an explosive, highly motivating, choreographed, interval training program performed in a pair of bouncy, spring-loaded shoes designed to jump without stressing the joints. Essentially, the harder you bounce, the higher you go. 

Classes are suitable for beginners and athletes alike, and challenge the whole body while building strength and endurance. The basic moves are very easy and can be performed with growing complexity and intensity as you progress. According to Kangoo Club Toronto “the success of the classes is mainly due to the extraordinary feeling it creates, due to the high release of endorphins.” 

When I arrive before class, Dorina is there to meet me and answer any of my questions. She is happy with my choice of socks and makes sure I’m feeling comfortable. She provides me with a pair of rental boots in my size and make sure I have fastened them properly. I stand up and reach out for the wall to steady myself. I bend my knees and feeling a bit like Bambi on ice, I spring up in to a tiny hop and realize; the boots want to jump. Within minutes I am bouncing effortlessly around the room wondering how high I can go.

Our instructor is a friendly, high-energy and her arms are jacked. She tells us she’s also trains as a fighter. This tells me two things, she is really fit, and she is not going to take it easy on us. Our workout will be broken down into three components, dance and aerobic moves, hit intensity interval training, and strength training. Queue techno! 

Now, I would be doing this activity a disservice if I didn’t mention how awesome it is to hear a bunch of women pounding on the floor together wearing boots that weight 2.5lbs each. Not only is the sound empowering, it brings us together and most importantly, helps me stay with the beat. As we make our way through the workout I realize it’s more like dancing on springs. Although I’m sweating like crazy I forget I’m working out (a fact that I am immediately reminded of when I get out of bed with sore thighs and booty the next morning). 

After 20 minutes, I’m feeling so comfortable with jumping that I throw myself as high as possible in to the air on each jump. The session winds down with some floor work targeting the core and upper body and ends with movement focused on stretching and relaxation. I’m a little bit sad when it comes time to take of my Kangoo Jumps so I grab a class schedule when I head out the door. 

Kangoo Club Toronto’s Kangoo Power Classes run on Saturdays from 2:00-3:00 PM at The Yonge Street Fitness Club. For additional classes check out Kangoo Club Toronto’s Class Schedule. The first class is always free! For more information about Dorina Rigo and the Kangoo Club of Toronto visit www.kangooclubtoronto.com.s86227.gridserver.com

Kate Palbom is a Freelance Writer and Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor. She lives in Toronto with a very handsome man and her dog Freddie Mercury and is currently developing a blog exploring the social and cultural realities of being a modern-lady. Follow Kate on Twitter @Lady_Parts_

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