Thursday, January 9, 2014

How To Boost Your Style Skills in 30 Days

The 30/30 Wardrobe Challenge

Some resolutions are easier to measure than others. Focused on losing weight or getting fit? Just check your scale or keep track of your endurance. On a mission to move forward in your career? Ask your boss for more regular feedback and take a look at your salary at the end of the year.

If your goals involve working your personal style muscle, on the other hand, how exactly do you go about tracking your success? You could pay yourself a $1 every time you wear an item that's been gathering dust in your closet or maybe give yourself a gold star each time you get dressed in less than 10 minutes. Or, depending on the specific style result you want to achieve this year, you could try a wardrobe challenge.

If you've never heard the term, a wardrobe challenge typically asks you to follow a specific (usually restricted) wardrobe "diet" over a defined period of time. The most common results of dressing yourself with fewer clothes are: a simplified (maybe even more organized) closet, more creativity with what you wear, a clearer sense of what's missing in your wardrobe, and ultimately, the ability to do more with less.

If you think a wardrobe challenge might help you , here's the simple recipe for a challenge I call The 30/30 Wardrobe Challenge. For 30 days, you edit your wardrobe down to include only 30 pieces to enjoy a clutter-free closet and to beef up our personal styling skills.

Read on to get yourself started!

Step 1 - Identify your goals and keep them handy. A post-it in your closet or on your mirror is a great reminder. If you're unsure of goals just think about the last time you were super frustrated when standing in front of the mirror. That should serve as a good primer for the change you'd like to see.

Step 2 - Pick your challenge start date. If you know you've got a lot on your plate for the new year, give yourself at least a few days to get yourself prepared.

Step 3 - Choose your 30 pieces! I'd recommend you choose at least half your basic in solid neutrals and then add in colours and prints. Don't forget to include a mix of day and night pieces. Since you're already going through a major change, it might be wise to allow for unlimited accessories this time around. You might also want to exclude outwear or shoes since weather can be unpredictable right now. Remember, your challenge, your rules.

Step 4 - Put away EVERYTHING else. Store the clothes you won't be wearing in storage bins or even garbage bags. This might even be a great time to sort of items that don't fit or suit your style. You can donate those right off the bat.

Step 5 - Set aside some weekly time to actually plan your outfits. The most challenging part of the challenge, beside cutting your wardrobe down to just 30 pieces, is figuring out how to mix and match what's left to create stylish, interesting outfits. Avoid stress and quitting prematurely by taking 30 mins to an hour at least once per week to come with outfits. Make this a fun, hands-on activity. Pull pieces out of your closet, try them on and actually take a quick photo for reference.

Step 6 - Have a post-challenge plan. Challenges are even better when the results last past their end date. Take this time to organize your closet before putting everything back and maybe set a new magic number of how many items you'll keep. It might also be wise to take note of pieces you don't currently have that would've made your challenge easier so you can have a defined shopping list for the whole year. You may even find yourself starting another challenge -- wearing dresses or skirts exclusively or testing out new trends.

If you're up for the challenge and want a little guidance, google "30 day wardrobe challenge" for tons of great inspo, tweet me anytime @auwai_inc, or leave me a comment below with your questions and I'll do my best to answer.

--- Tamika Auwai is our resident Style Editor, Shopping Enthusiast and Wardrobe Expert.


  1. Hi Tamika,

    Very wonderful suggestion. Having an organized dresser is such a headache for us girls. It is now the perfect time to start a good habit with our outfits.

  2. Thanks Sarah! So glad you agree.

    I've done all sorts of closet organization and planning as you might image, but never tried an actual wardrobe challenge so I'm looking forward to the results.

    If you give it a whirl comment back or share your results on facebook. I'd love to know how you did :)