Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How-To Chambray

There’s a reason why the chambray shirt has staying power. Even though it has been a Saturday staple for stylistas for years, it came into the mainstream circa 2010. Three years later and the chambray button-down shirt is still going strong. Here are a number of styles to choose from so that you can pick the style that is right for you.

Faded – The faded chambray shirt screams casual cool and I love this one by Madewell. It doesn’t get more laid back than wearing this light colour button-down shirt with a pair of black skinny jeans. 

Darkwash – If the dark denim look is more your thing, this option by Joe Fresh hits the spot at $24! Darkwash denim has a more formal feel to it when compared to the faded option. It would be perfect tucked into a bright pencil skirt worn at the office. (Shhh! This shirt is actually Mens!)

Mens – Who says you can’t borrow from the boys on this one? Mens chambray shirts are great because they offer loose fits and more relaxed styles giving you that ‘worn-in’ look without the effort. For a cozy look, wear this chambray shirt by Old Navy over a form fitting turtleneck, tucked into a mini skirt.

Popover – Skip the buttons and fake the look of a button-down shirt with this chambray popover by J.Crew. This shirt is easy-going and effortless and will pretty much go with anything. Happily tuck the bottom of the shirt into a pair of embellished trousers. 

Cuffed – If you are into the preppy style, then a chambray shirt that is fitted and cuffed at the elbows is perfect for you. This shirt by Ann Taylor would look great tucked into a pair of wide leg slacks at the office or into a pair of seersucker shorts come spring.

With lots of great options to choose from, you’ll certainly be able to find the style of chambray shirt that fits you. Try and avoid chambray shirts with embellishments or different fabric combinations. Think of the chambray shirt as a white-T; it’s simple and easy, and has the best effect when the fit and style are right for you. 

Carolyn Desrosiers is the style blogger behind www.covetedclassics.com.  Find her on Twitter@covetedclassics

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