Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How-To Rock The Small Bag

They may be small, but they are mighty stylish. Small bags are making a comeback and they are smaller than ever. They are small enough to fit a lipstick and your iPhone, but not big enough to hold your envelope wallet. Minimalism is key with this fashion trend, so lighten your load and choose from any of these small bag trends that we have sized up for you. 

1. The epitome of easy handbags, the cross-body bag, now comes in mini! Small enough for a few key items, this bag is perfect for short ventures to brunch or for drinks with the girls. Opt for a neutral colour to get the most wear out of this little gem.

2. We all know the Fendi baguette that Carrie Bradshaw loyally carried throughout the seasons of Sex and the City, but, not everyone can shell out the cash for this legacy bag. Instead, opt for a more economical version and carry it in place of a clutch at events.

3. The chain-strap bag is another style that has staying power. Try wearing this 
bag across your body rather than over your shoulder for a fresh look.

4. The top-handle bag is still trending this winter and is getting in on the smaller size. There’s not much cuter than a mini top-handle bag. Look for models that have a solid structure and that won’t lose their shape easily. 

Nothing undermines the look of the small bag, like carrying a couple extra makeshift bags for things like your office lunch or a change of shoes. Don’t throw out your tote bag just yet because you’ll need it for times when carrying multiple items like commuting to work, or going on a shopping trip 

Your small bag should still be practical, after all you don’t want to spend money on something that you will seldom use. Choose a size that you can live with. Lay out the bare essential items that you will need to carry with you when you use the bag. Do they all fit? If not, then maybe you need to choose a bigger bag.

There’s something incredibly chic about carrying a small bag with edited contents. Who needs to carry five lipsticks at one time anyway? Go on, lighten up a little. 

Carolyn Desrosiers is the style blogger behind www.covetedclassics.com.  Find her on Twitter @covetedclassics

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