Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Year's Resolution: Guilt-Free Snacking

This is a re-post from last year.

I'm not going to hide the fact that I LOVE SNACKING. If you open my desk drawer, you'll find my stash of Cool Ranch Doritos, Crunchies and those itsy bitsy colourful Jellybeans, amongst my collection of purple pens.

Last year, I made the same New Year's Resolution as every other girl... to eat more healthy. So did I keep it?

Yes, I did!! I spent a good chunk of 2012 rotating through the bulk bins at Whole Foods. While my body is definitely much happier, my wallet is not. I managed to add an extra $25-35 a week to my grocery bills just buying natural, more healthy snacks.

This past summer as I was Googling to find ways to order tasty snacks in bulk to save money, I came across Healthy Surprise. A company based in Los Angeles that curates gluten-free, vegan and soy-free snacks and delivers it to your door monthly. I ordered my first box in September as I got ready for 6 months of traveling and took the snacks on the road and plane with me.

In December's box, I loved the crunchy Kale Chips, the raw chocolate truffle Maca Bar (it tastes better than Kit Kat) and of course, the Coconut Water. The Happy Hemp was also nice to sprinkle on salads.

It was also fun being surprised every month with new snacks. I won't lie and say I loved everything but 90% of the snacks were great! Joe curates the boxes himself and only includes the best and yummiest snacks!

The time I saved from hunting for healthy snacks, I spent reading books by the fireside. Believe me, when it's this cold outside, the last thing you want to do is spend your weekend in Kensington Market pushing through crowds to look for nutritious snacks. And forget finding anything unprocessed or non-sugary at your local grocery store.

It was also super cool that I got to try snacks that were not even available in Canadian stores. I especially look forward to Hail Merry goodies and anything with nuts!

I saved money! If I were to buy each snack separately, I likely would have spent $100 or more but I get 15 different snacks each month for $60. (There are 3 types of subscriptions to chose from starting at $40.)

Most snacks come in full-size but there are also sample sizes like little bags of nuts and nori-wrappers that are great to tuck into your purse or jacket. It's a blessing to eat healthy on-the-go when you are rushing from one meeting to another or stuck in traffic in your car.

Joseph (Founder of Healthy Surprise) & Geoff (Hip + Urban Husband)

This makes a great gift! This past Christmas, I was in Hong Kong so instead of running around doing last minute shopping and worrying about shipping packages overseas, I sent my friends and family the Healthy Surprise Gift Box. It was original and I doubt there was any regifting!

Try it out for yourself! They ship to Canada starting from $40/month and USA from $33/month. Order HERE and happy snacking!


  1. These snacks look absolutely cool and healthy. I wonder if they are also available in other countries.

  2. Yes! Healthy Surprise ships in Canada and worldwide. Some of these snacks can also be found individually in specialty stores like Whole Foods but they are mainly sourced from the US.

  3. This is a great way to discover new snacks that aren't easily available in your area. If you are in Canada, you'll save on the taxes and often pay effectively lower than Canadian retail prices. Boxes are curated with a lot of love and you'll be surprised every month.