Monday, February 16, 2015

Wardrobe Magic: How to Dress 5 lbs. Thinner

Fitness and healthy eating regimes are now in place but you don't have to wait a month to shed the first few pounds. Here are 5 simple tweaks to your style that will yield instantly slimming results: 

Tweak #1 - Stop hiding under that sweatshirt: Our natural instinct is to hide extra pounds under baggy layers, especially on weekends as as we run errands. My local grocery store is evidence. If you're guilty as charged it's time to put a STOP to this practice; you're actually making yourself appear larger! Instead, go for pieces in flattering silhouettes that skim your curves and hint at a waistline. 

Tweak # 2 - Belt it all...carefully: Cinching your outfit shows off your best features and helps create that coveted hourglass figure, but finding the right belt and placing it correctly is key. As a general rule, long torsos look best in skinnier belts placed a few inches below your belly button while the short-waisted will look great in slightly wider styles that are in the same colour as your ensemble.  

Tweak #3 - Go for monochromatic looks: Dressing in a single colour or shades thereof instantly makes you look longer and leaner. Note: This is NOT permission to wear basic black! You can achieve the same effect with deep jewel tones or darker neutrals like navy, chocolate and charcoal, all of which tend to be far more flattering colours to wear. 

Tweak #4 - Pull out the deep V: If you've ever been told by your well-intended female relative that you "gain weight in the face", the V-neck should be your new go to neckline. V-necks automatically make your face look thinner and your chin more prominent, in the best possible way. 
Tweak #5 - Use strategic colour blocking: Don't be afraid of the body-con silhouettes I've shown above, the bands of colour in these colour blocked pieces create an optical illusion that will make you look svelte but with lots of va-va-va voom. If you're not ready to go shopping you can get similar results by wearing a pop of colour under a jacket or cardigan paired with matching pants or a skirt. 

Now doesn't that sound easier than making it to the gym before heading to the office? Thought so! Try working one of these easy wardrobe tweaks into your daily style and treat yourself to an early cheat day on me.

-- Tamika Auwai is our resident Style Editor, shopping enthusiast and Wardrobe Expert.

Image credits: American Apparel, Old Navy,,, Monif C.

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  1. Great tips! I'll definitely try to follow all your tips. Thanks for sharing. Specially I love your cute earring and red hot clutch purse.